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Christian Camping

Year-Round Internship

The Internship Program is a year-long, paid program designed to equip college-aged students with the experience of working in all aspects of camp ministry.  The program serves to build future leaders through hard work, spiritual growth, occupational development, coursework, discipleship, and community.

Hard Work

Interns work long, difficult days serving guests during the retreat season by facilitating activities, leading team development, serving meals, washing dishes, housekeeping, and many other tasks.

Spiritual Growth

Interns will have the opportunity to attend local churches seasonally and be surrounded by staff who remind them of their purpose in working to serve Christ.

Occupational Development

During the non-retreat season, interns shadow various camp departments, acquiring new skills, gaining knowledge, and learning how various departments contribute to Glorieta’s mission statement.


Interns read a diverse selection of books and participate in on-campus classes. These classes explore spiritual disciplines, leadership, personality, and biblical studies.


Interns choose one mentor who will journey beside them during their time at Glorieta. These relationships are intended to push interns to spiritual and personal growth.


Interns serve on a close team as they work and live together. Interns also contribute to the greater Glorieta community by participating in events, attending meals, and engaging with staff members and their families.

Summer Internships

Accounting or Administration Intern

Summer Internships. Must be at Least One Year Out of High School Work behind the scenes with the Finance Manager to help Glorieta Camps steward God’s resources well. This position is a valuable internship for anyone studying business, but especially for those majoring in Accounting. The intern must enjoy taking initiative and working in the office a majority of the time. Some experience in business is preferred, but not required.

Other Internships?

Summer Internships. Must be at Least One Year Out of High School We are able to accommodate many internship programs! If you need an internship that meets specific school requirements, please inquire further at

For more information or questions regarding internships, please contact:

Gennavieve Carmazzi

Intern Manager
505-757-6161 ext 743


Many years ago, a young boy suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father. His first reprieve from his rough upbringing came when he attended summer camp at Glorieta and met a girl. But even more importantly, he caught a glimpse of Jesus, and his life was forever changed. Years later, his music makes an impact greater than he ever imagined.