What We Do - Glorieta Adventure Camps
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It’s what we do.

Challenge the body. Inspire the mind.

Glorieta Camps inspire. They are filled with adventures that invigorate the mind, body and spirit, blending super-fun outdoor activities with inspiring Christian ideals. Each summer, campers come to Glorieta from all walks of life to experience new freedoms, make friends, have fun adventures, take on new challenges and discover life-changing truths. They go home invigorated, more confident in themselves, and with a stronger relationship with God.

Looking for FUN! We’ve got it.

It’s called fun with purpose. First and foremost, Glorieta Camps provide limitless ways for campers to stretch themselves through a variety of super fun adventure activities, physical challenges, and personal interactions.  If that doesn’t do it, we resort to building Christ-centered relationships through straight-up FUN!  Works every time.

Kick down walls. Build up truth.

The Glorieta Camp is big on Development as a way to breaking down barriers within a group – kicking clicks to the curb, coaxing kids out of their comfort zones, getting them to open up to themselves and to others, helping them find common ground with new friends, and forging unity based on God’s truth and love.

Ready. Set. Connect.

Glorieta connects with campers in ways that resonate with young and old alike and bring the Scriptures to life in real time and in real ways that are relevant to real life. As we present the Gospel, we connect with campers and try to challenge the status quo in order to strike a nerve and bring about positive life changes in those searching for truth.

Keeping it real. Really.

It’s amazing how so many authentic relationships can develop in a single week at Glorieta Camps between campers, staff and counselors – all based on a common desire for down to earth, real life, real honest, Christ-like friendships.

It’s a place where the old cliche “keeping it real” actually has authentic meaning.

The 90/10 Rule. Our Teaching Philosophy.

We take an adventure-based approach to teaching because campers recall 10% of what they hear, but 90% of what they do.

We’re all about Camper Experience. So we teach on the go and integrate spiritual purpose in all we do. Our goal is to show campers how to have fun and connect with God through activity and adventure.

Long talks on complex theology by big-name speakers with lofty titles are not our bag. Instead, passionate staff connect one on one with campers, teach on the go, in the woods or on the trail, and integrate God’s Word into action and adventure experiences for maximum impact.