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Family Camp


Ideal for: Families and Couples   |   Ages: All Ages   |   Dates: June 9th – August 10th

The most unique Family Vacation.

Adventure is the best kind of family bonding.

A 6-day adventure camp experience where families and couples can deepen their relationships through unforgettable outdoor adventures in the mountains! Featuring top-notch food, comfy hotel-style rooms, inspiring speakers and exciting outdoor activities, Glorieta provides the perfect place to get away and refocus on what matters.

Family time that transforms.

When families spend time outdoors and outside of their everyday norm – they grow closer and learn new things about each other. Our hope is that every moment spent at camp is an opportunity for God to work in your family’s hearts.

By combining the camp experience with Biblical truths, families discover deeper relationships and spiritual growth as individuals and together. Camp may end after one week, but the knowledge they gain can impact their families and communities for a lifetime.


Adventure Activities


Archery Tag

Mountain Bikes

Whitewater Rafting

*Whitewater rafting availability is limited. Contact to reserve spots. Additional Fee is $55 Per Person.


Mountain Scooters

Foam Pit

Mini Golf


RC Cars

Field Games

Ga-Ga Ball

Blacklight Dodgeball

Arbor Climb

Drift Ball

Arts & Crafts

Obstacle Course

Sand Volleyball

Little Kid Zip

Sport Courts

Bouldering Blocks

Game Room

Hide and Seek

Gypsy Wagon

Hang Time

Waterfront Decks

BB Guns


Coffee Shop

Disc Golf



From short hikes with a view, to longer journeys winding through National Forest trails, adventure is out here!

Archery Tag

Equipped with padded arrows and bow on an extensive wooded course full of secret hide-outs, bring your opponents down in a classic game of TAG and many other competitions!

Mountain Bikes

Hop on and go for a spin that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. When you experience a mountainside ride, you'll know what we mean.

Whitewater Rafting

Wanting to really kick your adventurous spirit into gear?! We partner with New Mexico River Adventures to offer a rafting experience you won't soon forget.


These are no toys, but they are a lot of fun. We may not be slaying giants, but you will get good target practice.

Mountain Scooters

Ever thought to put mountain bike tires on a Razor scooter? Hop on for a ride you won't soon forget!

Foam Pit

Hundreds of foam blocks to jump into, dive through, and hide in!

Mini Golf

If putting around is your thing, we have the perfect way to pass an afternoon. This classic family sport is best under the pines, with a nice summer breeze.


Time for some serious family bonding, William Tell style. Of course, you're not shooting an apple off anyone's head, but we promise it'll be pretty thrilling.

RC Cars

Can you ever get bored driving an RC car? If so, we're having too much fun on the track to notice. Take a few laps at top spd, and show the kids how it's done.

Field Games

Guaranteed to break the ice. This is camp-olympics! From scavenger hunts to more inventive contests, you're sure to make a few new friends along the way.

Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-ga wha? Part dodge ball, part tag and part King of the Hill, it takes action to another level. Rule the octagon!

Blacklight Dodgeball

Variations on the classic game, kicked up a notch. From free-for-alls to zombie matches, dodgeball under the glow of these lights can be trickier than you think.

Arbor Climb

Tree climbing on a whole different level.

Drift Ball

It's like a cross between basketball, soccer, hockey, polo and demolition derby on our awesome drift trikes. Hard to explain. Amazing to play.

Arts & Crafts

From pine-cone pets to classic friendship bracelets, creativity of all forms are welcome here!

Obstacle Course

Inflatables meet Waterfront. A combination that makes for quite the slippery match!

Sand Volleyball

For classic games of 2-on-2 to 50-player Nuke 'Em, we have sandy courts for everyone to enjoy!

Little Kid Zip

The high-flying thrill of our zip lines can be a lot. That's why we've developed a zip that's just right for building confidence in younger campers.

Sports Courts

There's nothing better than a game of high altitude hoops. Or how about a match of mountain tennis? This is the place!

Bouldering Blocks

Brand new to rock climbing? These colorful blocks are just right for learning the basics and getting the 'hang' of climbing without getting too far off the ground.

Game Room

Pool, air hockey, puzzles, board games, foosball- we've got a lot to keep you busy!

Hide and Seek

You know the game. But have you ever played on a scale as epic as this? Seek out a match, and you'll find a good time.

Gypsy Wagon

This colorful little wagon is a mobile store loaded with treats, t-shirts, and other knick-knacks!

Hang Time

There are plenty of places around camp to relax. Stake a claim in our hammock village for the best way to enjoy the mountain breeze.

Waterfront Decks

Decks rigged with rope swings, water zip lines, monkey bars, water slides, and more! We've got plenty to keep you busy staying cool in our Waterfront.

BB Guns

BB guns are a lot of fun for beginners and expert shooters alike. Squeeze off a few pellets and plink some targets, and you'll see what we mean.


From epic Wipeout-style obstacles to King of the Hill with a wrecking ball, we've got all the classic inflatables along with some you've never seen!

Coffee Shop

A place for a rejuvenating cup o' joe, quality conversations, board games, and kicking your feet up.

Disc Golf

An 18-hole course that spans our entire main campus, this is the perfect place to test your disc golf skills! It's all in your swing... or is it the fling?


Gather round the campfire on cool evenings and sleep under the Milky Way to really experience the wilderness of camp!

Adventure Upgrades +

Adventure Upgrades -


It’s like navigating a torrent of liquid adrenaline while being yelled at to paddle harder, faster, this way and that – or else – you’re going swimming involuntarily. Suddenly the reason for the helmets and life jackets becomes crystal clear to you. This couldn’t be more fun!To add this to your camp experience, choose this option during the Sign Up process.

Additional Fee – $55 Per Person


Pull on your boots and saddle up the family for a half-day trail ride experience through towering mountains, ponderosa pines, and shimmering aspens. Trail rides come complete with picnic lunch, spectacular views and memories your family will treasure for a lifetime. To add this to your camp experience, please contact Bart Everett at Diamond E Stables or at (505) 500-7839.

Services / Rates found here.


The Spa at Loretto blends old-world charm with world-class luxury in one of New Mexico’s most photographed buildings. The award-winning spa is a sanctuary for mind, body and spirit renewal featuring natural woods and stone elements, antique furnishings, hand-carved cabinetry, beaded sconces and a candlelit kiva fireplace. To add this to your camp experience, please contact Loretto Spa at (505) 984-7997, or Book an Appointment Online and mention you are with Glorieta Family Camp.

Services / Rates found here.

Inspirational Speakers

Truth & Passion

Family Camp features a different speaker each week who will leave you feeling inspired to pursue the Lord more deeply as a family. Our speakers range from professors to counselors to pastors who are passionately committed to sharing Biblical truth in a way that is practical and understandable for everyone!

Speakers Schedule:

SessionDatesWorship LeaderSpeaker
Session 1June 9-15Hillside ChurchHillside Church
Session 2June 16-22Jonny Hughes (Lubbock, TX)Michael Hardin (Lubbock, TX)
Session 3June 23-29Chris Hudgins (Lubbock, TX)Kevin Huddleston (San Angelo, TX)
Session 4June 30 - July 6Zach Dietz (Broken Arrow, OK)Jim Archer (Lubbock, TX)
Session 5July 7-13Lance Couch (Katy, TX)Cody McMurray (Lubbock, TX)
Session 6July 14-20Nathan Spencer (Lubbock, TX)Jack Hardcastle (Abilene, TX)
Session 7July 21-27Kyle Smith (Lindale, TX)Steve Jones (Richmond, TX)
Session 8July 28 - August 3Dave Morton (Mesa, AZ)Reggie Rice (Sun City West, AZ)
Session 9August 4-10TBDTBD

Camp Features

Some of the things that make Glorieta such a special place.

A Typical Day At Camp


7-8:30 AM

Delicious Buffet with some of America’s Breakfast Favorites

8:30 AM

Morning wake up. Round the kids up, and let’s get ready for the day!

8:45 AM

Morning Worship Together as a Family

9:15 AM

Bible Study Break-Out – Engaging every member of the family in the Gospel (no matter their age!)

10:15 AM

Family Devotion Time

10:50 AM

Activity Session 1 – What adventure will you go on today?

12:30 PM

Lunchtime! – Stop in for some grub before your next activity!

1:30 PM

Activity Session 2 – Will you ride the mountain scooters or take a nap?

4 PM

Activity Session 3 – Challenge yourself with something new!

6:30 PM

Dinner Time! Our chef is ALWAYS cooking up something yummy!

7:30 PM

Evening Experience

8 PM

Nightly Hangout – Make New Friends. Bond with Family. Enjoy the Game Room. Eat some ice cream!

Child Care

Family Camp is a time to bond with the whole fam, and we encourage sharing adventures together as much as possible. However, we know that some of your little ones won’t be able to do every activity. Drop your children (0-5 years) off at our safe and secure childcare area where they will be monitored by carefully trained staff who are ready to have a blast! Your kids will have the opportunity to play outside, learn Bible stories and songs, and make some arts and crafts. So go ahead and explore – the little ones are safe with us.

Date Night

Take an evening to step back and spend some one-on-one time with your spouse. Enjoy some wonderful conversation over a savory dinner while the sound of nature and soft music play in the background. Spend this time investing in each other and your marriage without distraction, while your kids enjoy a night of fun activities with our staff.

Can’t wait for next year

“My son hasn’t stopped talking about camp! Thank you so much for being the light of Christ for our kids! Can’t wait for next year”

Parent loves son’s experience

“My son is more excited than ever to dive into his Bible and Sunday school!! Love your camp!!!”

Camper chooses to accept Christ

“My daughter loved it! She chose this time to pray and accept Jesus in her heart with Emily and April and I am so appreciative of them for making camp a week to remember!”

Four campers led to Christ

“This week I have been with our traveling Adventure for the City Camp.  Today, my co-lead and I led four of our campers to Christ. For the first time in my life, I have never experienced something more beautiful than those girls asking Jesus to come into their hearts. Wow! My God is so good!”


Seeds Planted.

“My kids thoroughly enjoyed it. And while I don’t see all the seeds that were planted, I know they were.”

Building relationships with new friends

“We really liked how our groups were broken up by regions this year. It was fun to build relationships with those that live in the same city as us.”

Got my 15 year old to open up

“The best part of our experience was your staff. Our two counselors were amazing and the youth leader got my 15-year-old son to open up…and I’m a pastor. I am very thankful!”

Family changed. Coming back.

“My family is changed for the better. And we can’t wait to come back next year.”

Family disconnects to reconnect

“We loved camp. It was amazing to be able to disconnect from the outside world and really connect as a family. I’m thankful for childcare because I was able to spend time with just the big kids which doesn’t happen in our normal day-to-day life. I enjoyed seeing joy on my kids faces as they tried new activities. We are already excited for camp next year.”

Thankful for new relationships

“We are thankful for the new relationships we built. Thankful for the new experiences we were able to share as a family. And so thankful all of that happened in a safe Christian environment.”

Family always grows closer at camp

“I was thrilled that my friends who came enjoyed the camp experience like we do. I always discover ways to grow closer with my family when I’m at camp. Love it!”

Glorieta meets needs. We love it.

“Glorieta continues to meet a need in the Rocky Mountain Region. Thanks for your willingness to partner with Churches and allow for us to focus on relationships with our students while you all take care of programming. We LOVE coming to camp and will be back.”

Group Camp sponsor feels blessed

“Our team was very blessed by the camp and camp staff. Thank you so much for all you do and for how you put Christ at the center of Glorieta.”

Seven kids find Jesus

“Seven of our kids were brought to Jesus and I really respect both the messages and the time taken to teach the kids the way they did. I can’t stress enough what an awesome impact it was on the kids.”

Group Camper’s response

“This changed my life. I’ll never forget it”

Group Camper experiences fellowship

“It Impacted me so much, just by knowing the other people are going through some similar stuff and we all came together to worship our true and only God.”

Group Camper’s decision

“I was able to make the decision to recommit myself to Christ.”

Group Camp Staff finds fulfillment in serving

“This was one of the most fulfilling times I have ever had in my life. I plan on serving again next year.”

He came in a stranger and went home a member of their family

A teen from a non-Christian family came to camp alone and not knowing anyone until a youth pastor befriended him on the bus. Later at camp, after an experience where campers nailed their “masks” to a cross, he opened up with many questions. In response, his group rallied around him with acceptance and love for the entire week. Leadership resolved to get him a ride to church regularly back home. He came in a stranger and went home a member of their family!

Grace finds purpose in God

“My daughter Grace just returned from camp with our church in Pueblo, Colorado. She cried lots of happy tears and said it was the best week of her life. She had a rough year with “friends” and with a very strained relationship with her dad.  She said she has never felt closer to God and said to me, “Momma for the first time ever I feel like maybe God could use me in ministry in the future!”

Erica counts down the days

“Erica has had a calendar made crossing off days these last couple of months until camp. Last week she said, ‘I just want it to be Monday!’”  Erica also told her mom that she knows God changes her here.

Parents appreciate fun exposure to faith

“Excellent experience. We are non-Christian belief system in both of their homes (mom’s house and dad’s house separate), and feel that this is very positive exposure for Lauren and Brooke, so that they may choose faith path that resonates with them. It provokes deeper questions and self introspection, in a non-threatening and fun way that is age appropriate for them. Thanks!”

Grace finds purpose in God

“My daughter Grace just returned from camp with our church in Pueblo, Colorado. She cried lots of happy tears and said it was the best week of her life. She had a rough year with “friends” and with a very strained relationship with her dad.  She said she has never felt closer to God and said to me, “Momma for the first time ever I feel like maybe God could use me in ministry in the future!”

Summer staffer recommits

One of our summer staff accepted Jesus yesterday! She is going to a Christian college and pursuing a degree in ministry. At a Student Life service, she was convicted that she hadn’t ever fully surrendered her heart to Jesus. So she did that yesterday morning! We have all been so excited ever since.

Four campers led to Christ

“This week I have been with our traveling Adventure for the City Camp.  Today, my co-lead and I led four of our campers to Christ. For the first time in my life, I have never experienced something more beautiful than those girls asking Jesus to come into their hearts. Wow! My God is so good!”

Group Camp Staff finds fulfillment in serving

“This was one of the most fulfilling times I have ever had in my life. I plan on serving again next year.”


Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Our staff is made up of a bunch of authentic, mission-minded people who are also committed to providing you with the best camp experience ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example with a cheerful demeanor.

Our staff members are recruited based on their:

Personality & Ability

Passion for Teaching

Servant's Heart

Relationship With Christ

Qualifications & Skills

Education & Training

Getting ready for camp.

Here's your field guide for ultimate Family Camp preparedness.


Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know -

Family Camp Lodging

Hotel-style rooms with full private bathrooms and either two queen or one king-size bed. Adjoining rooms available on limited basis.

RV Camp Sites

If you've got a big rig, bring it along! We offer pull through sites with full hook-ups that include 15 and 30 amp electricity, water, and sewer.

What to Bring

Toothbrush? Check. Shorts and T-Shirts. Check. Swimsuits? Double-check. Here's a complete list of stuff to bring with you to camp.

What We Provide

We want to make your family camp experience as hassle-free as possible, which means providing your family with some essentials that you won't have to worry about bringing! More

Getting To Camp

Glorieta is located at 11 State Highway 50, Glorieta, NM 87535. For directions click the "MAP" button below.


Camp Credit

Tired of carrying your wallet around while you play at Family Camp? Well, you don’t have to anymore! Load your family’s Camp Credit accounts today! MORE

Health and Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional well being of every camper is our top priority. We're here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs.


Activity Upgrades

There are way more adventures to experience at camp than can be done in a week. But if your adrenaline isn't rushing quite fast enough visit the link below.


Arrival & Departure

We can’t wait to welcome you to camp! Learn more about times and activities on your arrival and departure days.

Financial Aid

Everyone should have a chance to come to camp. So we offer assistance to campers facing financial, emotional or spiritual hardships.

Code of Conduct

We're here to have fun, build each other up and encourage others in love! But there are a few behaviors that just won't fly at Glorieta Camps.

Ambassador Program

Help us inspire Christ-like change in more families by being a Family Camp ambassador!


2019 Family CampLengthDatesStatusRegister
Session 1 (Hillside Christian Church)5-DayJune 9-15OPENSIGN UP
Session 25-DayJune 16-22OPENSIGN UP
Session 35-DayJune 23-29OPENSIGN UP
Session 45-DayJune 30-July 6OPENSIGN UP
Session 55-DayJuly 7-13OPENSIGN UP
Session 65-DayJuly 14-20OPENSIGN UP
Session 75-DayJuly 21-27OPENSIGN UP
Session 85-DayJuly 28-August 3OPENSIGN UP
Session 95-DayAugust 4-10OPENSIGN UP


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For any questions regarding Family Camps or registration please contact us at:  |  505-757-6161 Ext. 3

And be sure to sign up your family and the number of rooms you will require. It's easy!

Payment Policy

  • Full payment is preferred at the time of registration
  • A payment plan is available as follows:
    • Initial Deposit is due at time of registration.
    • Second Payment of 50% of your account balance is due 60 days prior to your camp or retreat.
    • Final Payment of the remaining account balance is due 7 days prior to opening day of your camp or retreat.
  • ALL PAYMENTS MADE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE for reservations abandoned with no advance notice.
  • Reservations canceled with advance notice will still require partial payment based on the schedule shown below:
    • 2 Months Prior - 50% Cancellation Fee
    • 1 Months Prior - 60% Cancellation Fee
    • 3 Weeks Prior - 70% Cancellation Fee
    • 1 Week Prior - 90% Cancellation Fee

If you have questions please contact

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