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Serve for the Glory of God

Summer Jobs

Mission for Eternity

Submit a video of yourself: Tell us who you are and why you’d be a great addition to our team!

Glorieta Adventure Camps Exists To Inspire Christ-Like Change Through

Summer Job  Eternal Payoff

The most glorious summer of your life!

When you choose to work here, you’re taking a unique path. A  summer spent at Glorieta Camps is a time to grow closer to God—and to the community of believers surrounding you. We won’t lie – this is hard work. But God will change and mold you during your time here, and the people around you will support you, lift you up and inspire you to excellence. If you love the outdoors and care about inspiring Christ-like change in others, there’s no better place to be.

Glorieta. A place you can belong.

We believe that a life of adventure is a life well-lived. We share a love of the outdoors, but more importantly, a love for Jesus. At camp, we get to be ourselves. We inspire others, and we love what we do. Our staff are the heart and soul of our ministry. They all share a passion for something outside themselves, and their expertise, enthusiasm and joy in serving God and helping others, are all a part of what makes camp a unique place to work.

We’ve got a job for you.

College is a time when students are thinking about careers and ways to achieve their goals. We develop our summer staff and help them use their time at Glorieta to make a real impact on their futures. Some are called to camp ministry as a full-time career, others go into the world to do incredible things for the Kingdom of God, using many skills they learned at camp. From counselors to food service workers, to camp administration to retail to volunteers, we’re looking to fill a ton of different jobs.

Where can you serve?



Serve with the most direct impact on every camper. You are their guide, their teacher and their friend through every challenge they face.


Ziplines, drift trikes, rock climbing and more. You are a facilitator of saftey and adventure. Maybe a few happy screams as well.


Merch. Merch. Merch. Merch Merch. Got the gift of sales? We got swag for days and campers that love to sport our gear. They so fresh!


March to your own drum? Know how to slap the bass? When you sing song birds land on your finger? Get on stage and praise it up!


Little bit of this and a little bit of that. Looking to dive headfirst into all things summer camp? Here is the masters course in the Christian version.


Got some skill with a camera and a bagillion Instagram followers? This might be the summer job for you. We build relationships through the stories we share.


Like getting your hands dirty and working in the background? We have about 300 acres that need a green thumb like yours. Plenty of sunlight and fresh air.


Campers come and go…then more come and more go. Help with the in between and make sure the next ones coming have as great a first impression as the last.


Outdoor Adventure always has some cuts and scrapes. Be the sweet calming presence in the panic and get campers bandaged up and ready for more.


Everyone tell you how organized you are? Keeping track of 25,000+ campers ain’t easy. Put your regimented talents to the test. Let’s see what you got.


9+X-5=5 If you can solve that then you must be the ONE person Glorieta needs to keep the records straight. Put your calculator to the test and run with the best.


A cup of this. A pinch of that. Multiply that by almost 500,000 meals and you my friend have the recipe for a master of the culinary arts. Can you feel the heat?

Join the Mission now with a summer job that impacts people’s lives for eternity.

Apply today.

Submit a video of yourself: Tell us who you are and why you’d be a great addition to our team!