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Group Camp 2018LengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Session 16-DayJune 9-14, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 26-DayJune 15-20, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 36-DayJune 21-26, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 46-DayJune 27-July 2, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 56-DayJuly 6-10, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 66-DayJuly 11-16, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 76-DayJuly 17-22, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 86-DayJuly 23-31, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Session 96-DayAugust 1-5, 2018$400/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Group Camp 2019LengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Session 16-DayJune 8-13, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENRESERVE
Session 26-DayJune 14-19, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENRESERVE
Session 36-DayJune 20-25, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)FULL-----------
Session 4 (Middle School)6-DayJune 26-July 1, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENRESERVE
Session 54- DayJuly 2-5, 2019$290/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENRESERVE
Rental (Converge)6-DayJuly 6-10, 2019FULL-----------
Session 66-DayJuly 11-16, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENRESERVE
Session 76-DayJuly 17-22, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENRESERVE
Session 86-DayJuly 23-28, 2019$400/guest ($100 Deposit)FULL-----------
Rental (Hillside Elementary)4-DayJuly 28-31, 2019$216/guest ($100 Deposit)FULL-----------
Rental (Flatirons)5-DayAugust 1-5, 2019$340/guest ($100 Deposit)FULL-----------

For any questions regarding Group Camp or registration please contact Kel Beal. Email | 505-757-6161 Ext. 4

Family Camps

2018 Family CampLengthDatesStatusRegister
Session 1 (Hillside Christian Church)5-DayJune 10-16COMPLETE-----------
Session 25-DayJune 17-23COMPLETE-----------
Session 35-DayJune 24-30COMPLETE-----------
Session 45-DayJuly 1-7COMPLETE-----------
Session 55-DayJuly 8-14COMPLETE-----------
Session 65-DayJuly 15-21COMPLETE-----------
Session 75-DayJuly 22-28COMPLETE-----------
Session 85-DayJuly 29-August 4COMPLETE-----------
Session 95-DayAugust 5-11COMPLETE-----------
2019 Family CampLengthDatesStatusRegister
Session 1 (Hillside Christian Church)5-DayJune 9-15OPENSIGN UP
Session 25-DayJune 16-22OPENSIGN UP
Session 35-DayJune 23-29OPENSIGN UP
Session 45-DayJune 30-July 6OPENSIGN UP
Session 55-DayJuly 7-13OPENSIGN UP
Session 65-DayJuly 14-20OPENSIGN UP
Session 75-DayJuly 21-27OPENSIGN UP
Session 85-DayJuly 28-August 3OPENSIGN UP
Session 95-DayAugust 4-10OPENSIGN UP
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For any questions regarding Family Camps or registration please contact Josh Baker. Email | 505-757-6161 Ext. 3

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2018LengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Session 16-DayJune 8-14, 2018$535/guest ($100 Deposit)COMPLETE-----------
Summer Camp 2019LengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Session 16-DayTBD$535/guest ($100 Deposit)OPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Summer Camp or registration please contact a staff member at: Email | 505-639-9717

Day Camps

Bring a Friend

Bring a friend to Day Camp, who has never attended before, and you will receive $50 towards an ‘Add On’ of your choice (i.e. Squirrel Bag, Transportation, Activity Upgrade, etc).

Day CampLengthDatesRatesAvailable Rides ($/camper)StatusRegister
Session 15-DayMay 28-June 1, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 25-DayJune 4-8, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 35-DayJune 11-15, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 45-DayJune 18-22, 2018$180/camperAll (Santa Fe-$50, Eldorado-$30, Bernalillo-$60)COMPLETE-----------
Session 55-DayJune 25-29, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 65-DayJuly 9-13, 2018$180/camperAll (Santa Fe-$50, Eldorado-$30, Bernalillo-$60)COMPLETE-----------
Session 75-DayJuly 16-20, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 85-DayJuly 23-27, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 95-DayJuly 30-August 3, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------
Session 105-DayAugust 6-10, 2018$180/camperSanta Fe ($50), Eldorado ($30)COMPLETE-----------

Rides to Camp

Parents can meet our staff at the following locations for Rides to Camp. All times are subject to change. Cost is in addition to normal Day Camp fees. All registration and payments must be completed before the child’s week of camp. No refunds will be available. For any questions regarding Day Camp or registration please contact Josh Nelson. Email | 505-757-6161 Ext. 6


Available Session 4 & 6

Sandoval County/US 550 Station – 400 Station Street Bernalillo, NM

  • 6:25am – 6:35am Drop-Off
  • 6:30pm – 6:40pm Pick-up
  • Cost $60/camper


Available All Sessions

La Tienda at Eldorado Parking Lot

  • 8:00am – 8:10am Drop-Off
  • 4:50pm – 5:00pm Pick-Up
  • Cost $30/camper

West Sante Fe

Available All Sessions

‘New’ Walmart at 5701 Herrera Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87507

  • 7:10am – 7:20am Drop-Off
  • 5:40pm – 5:50 Pick-up
  • Cost $50/camper

East Sante Fe

Available All Sessions

Pecos Trail Cafe at 2239 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505

  • 7:35am – 7:45am Drop-Off
  • 5:15pm – 5:25pm Pick-up
  • Cost $50/camper

City Camps

June 4-8, 20184-DayAscent Health, IncMonroe, LACamp Eagle$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
June 4-8, 20184-DayMcDowell Mountain Community ChurchScottsdale, AZGlorieta Camps$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
June 11-15, 20184-DayCalvary Baptist ChurchLake Havasu, AZGlorieta Camps$230/camperCOMPLETE-----------
June 18-22, 20184-DayCoronado Baptist ChurchEl Paso, TXCamp Eagle$180/camperCOMPLETE-----------
June 18-22, 20184-DayCalvary Baptist ChurchLake Havasu, AZGlorieta Camps$230/camperCOMPLETE-----------
June 25-29, 20184-DayOld River Baptist ChurchDayton, TXCamp Eagle$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
June 25-29, 20184-DayRiverside Church of ChristCoppell, TXGlorieta Camps$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 2-6, 20184-DayCreekside Christian FellowshipNeedville, TXCamp Eagle$180/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 9-13, 20184-DayGruene United Methodist ChurchNew Braunfels, TXCamp Eagle$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 9-13, 20184-DayPiñon Hills Community ChurchFarmington, NMGlorieta Camps$180/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 16-20, 20184-DayChrist Community ChurchArdmore, OKCamp Eagle$75/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 16-20, 20184-DaySouthland Baptist ChurchSan Angelo, TXGlorieta Camps$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 23-27, 20184-DayFirst United Methodist ChurchKerrville, TXCamp Eagle$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 23-27, 20184-DayMontgomery United Methodist ChurchMontgomery, TXGlorieta Camps$225/camperCOMPLETE-----------
July 30-August 3, 20184-DaySaint James United Methodist ChurchLittle Rock, ARCamp Eagle$220/camperCOMPLETE-----------
August 6-104-DayNew Hope ChurchWylie, TXCamp Eagle$125/camperCOMPLETE-----------

For any questions regarding City Camps or registration please contact Josh Nelson.


Retreat CategoryLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Couples Retreat3-DayOctober 4-7, 2018TBDOPENSIGN UP
Educator's Energizer3-DayMarch 23-25, 2018TBDCOMPLETE-----------
Educator's Energizer3-DaySeptember 28-30, 2018TBDOPENSIGN UP
Minister's Refresher3-DayApril 9-11, 2018TBDCOMPLETE-----------
Minister's Refresher3-DayAugust 27-29, 2018TBDCOMPLETE-----------
Minister's Refresher3-DayOctober 22-24, 2018TBDOPENSIGN UP
Snow Days Retreat3-DayMarch 13th - 16th, 2019TBDOPENSIGN UP
Group Retreats3-DayAvailable Year RoundTBDCONTACT USSIGN UP
Family Retreats3-DayAvailable Year RoundTBDCONTACT USSIGN UP
Student Retreats3-DayAvailable Year RoundTBDCONTACT USSIGN UP
Wilderness Retreats3-DayAvailable Year RoundTBDCONTACT USSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Retreats or registration please contact Glorieta Retreats. Email

Wilderness Adventures

Wilderness CampLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Basecamp Wilderness Adventures6-DayCustomRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Backpacking - The Glorieta Loop6-DayCustomRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Backpacking - The Pecos Wilderness Loop6-DayCustomRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Backpacking - Adventure Photography6-DayCustomRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Technical Rock Climbing6-DayCustomRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Whitewater River Adventure6-DayCustomRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Wilderness Camps or registration please contact Scott Chapman. Email | 505-639-9717

Wilderness Expeditions

Wilderness ExpeditionLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
River Expedition - South Pecos6-DaySummer$750OPENSIGN UP
River Expedition - Big Bend6-DayWinter$750OPENSIGN UP
Canyoneering - Utah6-DaySpring$750OPENSIGN UP
Back Country Ski & Snowboard6-DayDecember-April (Snow Dependant)$350 - 1 PersonOPENSIGN UP
Back Country Ski & Snowboard6-DayDecember-April (Snow Dependant)+ $50 Per Additional PersonOPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Wilderness Expeditions or registration please contact Scott Chapman. Email | 505-639-9717

Walkabout Program

Walkabout ProgramLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Walkabout 2019 (Camp Eagle - Texas)5 MonthJan 5, 2019 - May 11, 2019$5,000OPENAPPLY
Walkabout 2019-2020 (Camp Eagle - Texas)9 MonthAugust 17, 2019 - May 9, 2020$10,000OPENAPPLY


$1,000 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the program. $9,800 in total is due upon arrival. Walkabout fees include all meals, lodging, trips, education, staff shirts, a Red Cross lifeguard/CPR certification, and all program related expenses.

For any questions regarding Walkabout Experience or registration please contact Hayley Prine. Email | 830-683-3532

Wilderness Guide

Wilderness Guide CoursesLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Fall 201815 WeeksAugust – November, 2018$9,000OPENAPPLY
Spring 201915 WeeksJanuary – May, 2019$8,000OPENAPPLY


For any questions regarding Wilderness Guide or registration please contact Hunter Parrott. Email | 505-639-9717