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The following testimonials are from campers, leaders, and staff whose lives were impacted through personal and spiritual experiences they had at Glorieta. It is stories like these that fuel our spirits, encourage our faith and serve as a beautiful reminder of how God uses Glorieta to positively impact the lives of campers and staff in so many ways.


Group Camp Testimonials


Students really grow as a group

“It was an incredible experience for our students. They were met with personal challenges, personal encounters with God, and a chance to grow as a group. One of our students even made the decision to get baptized! This camp really pushed our students spiritually, physically, and as a group, and we are glad that they were able to meet with God in such an intimate way.”

Glorieta meets needs. We love it.

“Glorieta continues to meet a need in the Rocky Mountain Region. Thanks for your willingness to partner with Churches and allow for us to focus on relationships with our students while you all take care of programming. We LOVE coming to camp and will be back.”


Family Camp Testimonials



Day Camp Testimonials


Parents appreciate fun exposure to faith

“Excellent experience. We are non-Christian belief system in both of their homes (mom’s house and dad’s house separate), and feel that this is very positive exposure for Lauren and Brooke, so that they may choose faith path that resonates with them. It provokes deeper questions and self introspection, in a non-threatening and fun way that is age appropriate for them. Thanks!”


City Camp Testimonials



Wilderness Walkabout Testimonials


Walkabout changed perspective

“I have learned so much through this program. It has definitely changed my perspective and my growth in the Lord in every aspect. I love the dynamics of the program and I really enjoy all the different types of activities that we get to experience. Being here has made me so passionate for the Lord.”

– Rachel


Wilderness Guide Course Testimonials


Sam Miller – Post Semester Survey

Has completing this course given you an idea of what direction you would like to go professionally? If so, what direction is that? Yes, I want to work as a guide or instructor for climbing. Do you feel prepared to pursue a career in the outdoor industry? If no, why...

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Prayer Blog


Our Ongoing Prayer Needs

Join us in prayer for these things:   Pray for safety at camp.   Pray for the safety of all campers and staff as they engage in the many outdoor adventure activities at Glorieta camps. Pray for Salvation for all.   Pray for the salvation of all campers, families, and...

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