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I Can Only Imagine

Glorieta’s influence on Singer Songwriter Bart Millard

who wrote and performs the #1 hit song, “I Can Only Imagine” with the band Mercy Me.

Many years ago, a young boy named Bart Millard got a reprieve from his home life of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his Dad. He attended camp at Glorieta. He met a girl. But even more importantly, he caught a glimpse of Jesus. And his life was forever changed.

Bart would go on to join the Christian band Mercy Me and write a song that would touch hearts around the world. And eventually, he would return to Glorieta to propose to the girl he met there.

Bart’s story behind the hit song “I Can Only Imagine” is now a movie which played in theaters across the US. The staff at Glorieta Camps had a chance to preview the film and were thrilled at the story of what God has done. We hope you’ll have a chance to see it on DVD, FandangoNow, Amazon or other online source, and thank God with us for the way Jesus won Bart’s heart and changed his life!

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