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Athlete Events

Premier New Mexico Trails

Over 20 miles of single-track trails, perfect for biking, running and more, ranging in difficulty levels (green, blue & black)

Staging Areas

Glorieta Camps has great options for athletic event staging options. Whether you need a central area for starting lines, award ceremonies, vendor villages or announcements we have the perfect space.

The HUB – $300 Per Day
parking, picnic tables, registration area, grills available at additional cost, alcohol not permitted

Reb Barn – $200 Per Day
parking, tables, registration area, conditional alcohol




Include lodging options for your vent participants if you wish. WIth options for hotel style, RV & Tent sites and Boondocking we have something for every traveler. Just coming for the day? That’s okay too.

Our registration system can accommodate individuals signing up for their own lodging so you don’t have to worry about it!

Activity Bands

Get the best deal on activities for your event! Activity bands include 4 activity options open during your event for your participants to choose from. Not required but it offers a lot of fun!

$30 Per Person

Parking Passes

Parking pass options for all your event attendees! Include time during your event for the waterfront or just choose our basic parking option. All parking pass options include access to GaGa Ball pits, volleyball courts, basketball courts, putt putt golf course, hiking trails and more! Choose the option that works best for your event.

$40 Per Vehicle, Parking Pass – Waterfront Included

$25 Per Vehicle Parking Pass


Whether you are looking for a cookout at the end of your event, want to offer all for the weekend, or have connections to bring in local food trucks, we can build in the meal options that are right for you.

If you would like to include meals in the dining hall for your participants, there have to be at least 20 people eating meals.

Food truck vendors are responsible for permits and bringing their own generators.

Policies & Provisions +

Policies & Provisions –

Medical Services for Race Participants

The health, safety and well being of everyone on our property for any event is our highest concern here at Glorieta Camps. We do our best to provide a safe and healthy environment. However, there are inherent risks involved with adventure racing and outdoor activities. Glorieta provides first aid and medical services to registered Glorieta Campers only, and does NOT dispense medical treatment or advice to race or event participants. A First Aid kit is available at the front desk and many of our staff carry First Aid supplies with them. Glorieta is also not responsible for personal injury to guests due to accidents resulting from participating in races or events, or from recklessness or carelessness. A Glorieta staff member may give medical advice, but it is per his or her personal training, and is only given at their discretion on their own personal behalf – not as a representative of the Glorieta.


In case of extreme emergency, please call 9-911 and then contact your Race Host. In the event that a serious medical event or injury should occur, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) first response teams are just minutes away who are trained and equipped to handle medical emergencies. If the situation warrants, injured or ill individuals can be transported to the nearest hospital in Santa Fe, which is located less than 20 minutes away by vehicle, or only 5 minutes away by Care Flight.


Office Hours

The Glorieta Camp office is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.



Guests should park in designated parking lots only. Your Race Host will give directions upon your arrival.


Private Properties

Event participants are asked to respect all private areas. Please only use the areas designated for your group.



Glorieta is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please lock windows and doors on all vehicles. Valuables may be brought to the Glorieta office for safe keeping during a retreat.


Towels & Linens

Glorieta provides linens and towels for hotel-style rooms only. Participants should bring linens if they are not provided for their specific accommodations.


Maps and Trail Information

Find trail maps, waivers/release forms, trail information, and camp maps in the Glorieta office foyer. If items cannot be found, ask the Glorieta office.



Campfires are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Glorieta has several staffed, designated campfire areas that allow guests to enjoy all the fun of a campfire while remaining safe and good stewards of the surrounding area. Glorieta staff members have been trained with special knowledge in how, when and where to build a fire in order to keep it under control and avoid the possibility of wildfire. Special protocols have been established in case of emergency, so there is no need for concern as long as guidance is followed.


Lost & Found

Please bring any items found to the Front Desk. Articles left behind will be located and placed in Lost & Found. A lost item can be reported to the Glorieta main office during a race. Please contact the Glorieta office to retrieve any items left following the event.



Pets are not permitted on Glorieta property, or in any Glorieta buildings. Please leave all pets at home. Seeing eye and service dogs on a leash and under immediate control of the owner are accepted.


Upcoming Events

GloriDays hosted by Zia Rides

Date: August 30 - September 1, 2024

Zia Rides to host an outdoor experience to talk about, GloriDays 2024 with 3 course options.

Revolution Enduro

Date: August 30 - September 1, 2024

The Big Mountain Enduro 2018 Season Opener kicks off on May 26th at Glorieta Camps in Santa Fe, NM. It’s a one-day backcountry race entailing over 6,000 feet of long rocky descent. Expect super raw terrain, an abundance of new trails on private land, along with non-shuttle pedal transfers the entire day.

Base Camp Features

Some of the things that make Glorieta such a very special place.