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Changing Lives Through Outdoor Adventure.

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Our summertime-only Conference program is designed for large groups such as churches, youth conferences, or major ministries seeking high-capacity camp facilities along with the many outdoor adventure activities and experiences that we offer.



Escape to a place where God’s greatness is always on display. Whether it’s a weekend of outdoor adventure or an uninterrupted time of rest, we’ve got the retreat experience you’ve been dreaming about.


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Adventure. Excitement. Action at every turn. It’s all right smack in the middle of one of God’s most glorious creations. Glorieta Camps, a place where families can gather for fun times and new adventures that bind them together.


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Day Camp

Day Camp is a 5-day camp experience unlike any other! Kids, ages 6-13, are invited to our fun-filled, action-packed, Christ-centered program that’s loaded with activities and learning experiences they will never forget.


Upcoming Events

Kingdom Impact Celebration


Kingdom Impact Celebration is a weekend commemorating Glorieta Adventure Camps’ incredible 75-year legacy! Local friends, past staff, campers, and more are all joining us for this celebratory weekend.

join us as we celebrate 75 years of ministry, October 11-14

Family Fun Day
(aka Community Day)


You’re invited to come play at Glorieta Adventure Camps for Family Fun Day! Hosted by Glorieta Retreats, we invite you to come spend the day filled with fun and outdoor adventure.

join us for family fun day. pre-purchase your parking pass and activity band today to save

Fall & Spring Retreats

Crank it up or kick back. Push your limits or unplug. Discover God’s truth. Be inspired. It’s all possible at our Adventure Retreats or Weekend Get-Aways.

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Personal Retreats

For: Individuals, Families, Pastors & Missionaries
Ages: All Ages
Dates: Aug – Nov, Jan – May


Family Retreats

For: Families, Couples and Children
Ages: All Ages
Dates: Aug – Nov, Jan – May


Student Retreats

For: School Groups, Youth Groups, Class Trips
Ages: K – College
Dates: Aug – Nov, Jan – May


Day Retreat

For: Field Trips, Training Days, Music Camps
Ages: All Ages
Dates: Wednesday – Saturday | Aug – Nov, Jan – May



For: Schools, Women’s & Men’s Groups, Youth
Ages: All Ages
Dates: Aug – Nov, Jan – May


Group Work Retreat

For: Groups looking to serve in camp ministry
Groups of 20+
Dates: Aug – Nov, Jan – May

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Summer Conferences

High-Capacity Adventure And FUN Camp Facilities

Looking for an adventure-packed conference center? You’ve found it! With our high-capacity facilities and thrilling outdoor activities, Glorieta Adventure Camps offers an unforgettable setting for your next event. Join us for a summer conference centered around outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth.

Our Partner Camps:

Adventure Activities

Mountain Scooters

This ain’t your smooth driveway and these things take scootering to a whole new level. Hop on and go for the ride of your life while trying to keep up!

Mountain Biking

Hop on and go for a spin that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. When you experience a mountainside ride, you’ll know what we mean.

Putt-Putt Golf

If putting around is your thing, we have the perfect way to pass an afternoon. This classic family sport is best under the pines, with a nice summer breeze.

Drift Trikes

Fuzzy wristbands, Keds, and sliding sideways on a Big Wheel made for some serious street cred back in the day. Well, we’ve amped it up.


Thousands of acres and miles of trails through God’s beautiful creation. Explore the trails and experience vistas that will take your breath away.

Group Games

Guaranteed to break the ice. This is camp-olympics! From scavenger hunts to more inventive contests, you’re sure to make a few new friends along the way.

Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-ga wha? Trust us, it’s not for babies. Part dodge ball, part tag and part king of the hill, it takes action to another level. Stay with it. Rule the octagon!


Bring it on. Serve it up. Spike, slam, wham, attack – Let your competitive spirit take over. You’ll need it. Dig, set, spin, spike! Leave the campfire for day’s end.

Rock Climbing

If you’re a thrill seeker who’d like to feel a little “boulder”, we accommodate all skill levels in many different climbing styles. For those about to rock, we salute you!


Our flagship feature is a 5 level treehouse. Take a drop down one of four super slides or have gallons of fun in any of our waterfront activities.


There’s nothing better than a game of high altitude hoops. Pick up moves with other campers from around the country, or take ’em to school like you do at home.

Disc Golf

To heck with the clubs; grab a disk and join the fun. It’s all in your swing… or is it the fling? This is the perfect place to test your skills at a high level.

Mud Pit Melee

Grit your teeth for an untethered free-for-all. Here’s mud in your eye… and between your toes… and behind your ears…

Terrain Park

Take a chain-grinding, quad-shredding lap or two around our wicked dirt tracks, bust out a few of those moves you practiced, and soar to glory.

Via Ferrata

It’s serious mountaineering without the imminent danger. Ascend cliff faces and negotiate overhangs. You can yodel all the way up… if you can catch your breath.

Archery Tag

We are hunters, and adventure is our game. We are unstoppable, and you are our prey. Take aim and bring ’em down. Before they get you!


Is camp not “camp” enough for you? We’ve got just the thing. It’s authentic camping in real wilderness surroundings. The stars never looked prettier.

Crate Stacking

You’ve never stacked anything like this. Ever. It takes nerve, balance and a lot of patience to build a tower this high. Stand on top without tumbling for the win.


There’s nothing like the unmistakable tread of a new red dodgeball. It provides good grip. And a recognizable pattern on the side of your face. Respect the ball!


Your heart pounds as you overcome your nerves and step off the cliff. What were you thinking? Total focus. Step by step. Now you’re down, confident. Again!

Super Swing

Hey camper, camper. Hey camper, camper. Swing! Harness up and take a big leap of faith. Only at Glorieta can kids have this much fun in church.

Bouldering Wall

One look at the kaleidoscopic wall and you’ll think it’s easy. But it’s like Crossfit for spider monkeys. It takes balance, footwork, and strategy in every move.

Bomb the Blob

Climb. Leap! Plop! Launch! Whoa! Splash! Climb. Leap! Plop! Launch! Whoa! Splash! Repeat again and again until we wear ’em out.

Games of Skill… or Not

It doesn’t matter if you are “super coordinated” or not; you’ll still have massive fun in our crazy games. A good time will be had by all… or else!

Whitewater Rafting

“Row! Row! Row! You lazy land lubbers! Heave ho and off we go! Steady as she goes.” Will somebody smack that guide with a paddle?

Adventure Campouts

Is camp not “camp” enough for you? We’ve got just the thing. It’s authentic camping in real wilderness surroundings. The stars never looked prettier.

Obstacle Course

There’s no easing into this, so jump right in! From there, you’re climbing through our bouncy crash course. You’ll love ducking, diving, and dodging to the end.

Water Slides

We know more than a couple tricks to help cool you down on a summer afternoon. You’ll slip and slide in a variety of activities amidst a lot of screaming.

Bike Park

Okay, time to break out those tricks you spent hours on in the driveway. Bunny hop? Check. Wheelie? Yup. Bust out a few moves, and ride to glory.

Coffee Shop

There’s no fancy mermaid on these cups. This is real grounds for sittin’ and sippin’, Lower Rockies style. Order up, bust out the board games and let’s chat.

Arbor Climb

Do you love the woods? Well, harness up, because you’re about to get closer to nature than ever before. This is tree climbing brought to another level.

Gypsy Wagon

This colorful little wagon is a mobile store loaded with treats. It’s part truck, part house, part rainbow and one of the many wonders you’ll find at Camp Eagle.

Redneck Paintball

Think paintball with slingshots. Don’t let the name fool you, your neck is well protected. Your pride, however, is not. Think fast! They come at you from all sides.

Climbing Grotto

Brand new to rock climbing? These colorful blocks are just right for learning the basics and getting the ‘hang’ of climbing without getting too far off the ground.

Camp Features

Some of the things that make Glorieta such a very special place.

Gods Creation

Our wilderness is alive with dramatic and inspiring scenery—quiet streams, isolated forests and majestic mountains that rise to challenge you. Glorieta is a place where heaven meets earth. Come take it in!

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Camp Facilities

There are fun things to do everywhere you turn! Glorieta is built for fun and adventure and you’ll find all sorts of outdoor activities designed to make your time at Glorieta breathtakingly exciting.

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Health & Safety

The physical and emotional wellbeing of our campers are top priorities. Meals provide proper fuel for active bodies and every facility and activity is designed, built, staffed and maintained to eliminate chances for injury.

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As people come to us from all over the country (and sometimes beyond), our goal is to proclaim the Gospel and provide an opportunity for God to move radically in the hearts of those who earnestly need Him. We are always looking for others to join us in stepping into the unknown, the uncomfortable, the messiness of human life and who are willing to learn what it means to serve others humbly and wholly.

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Athlete Facilites

Test the skill and endurance of the competitors of your event on our demanding terrain. Run. Bike. Swim. If they can make it here, they can make it anywhere. Up for the challenge?

A Great Place
For Athletes.

Rugged terrain.
Endless obstacles.
Supremely intense.

Host your event at Glorieta Trails and challenge your competitors to a raw, ragged, supremely treacherous course that will have them eating our dust! If they survive the torture, we can treat them to a really nice meal and a clean, comfy room.


The perfect place for parents dropping off or picking up campers to spend a day or two


Glorieta is located just 25 minutes from Santa Fe, a city whose name means “Holy Faith”. Occupied for over a thousand years by indigenous peoples whose villages were built on the site, and eventually settled by Spanish colonists in 1610, Santa Fe is the oldest city in the state, and the oldest state capital in the Nation. Today’s city is a thriving cultural center featuring many colorful shops, galleries, museums, and restaurants and is known as one of the largest and most important art markets in the country. There are a number of ancient historical sites in and around the city. It is a perfect place for parents who are dropping off or picking up campers to spend a day or two while in the area. Family Camps and some of our Retreats also offer day excursions into the city to take in culture, art and cuisine.

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Ways to give and receive His blessings.

For the convenience of those upon whom the Lord has placed a desire to support our camps, we provide a number of ways to empower our ministry through gifts of funds, real estate, vehicles, securities, and other valued assets.

You may donate to the General Fund which allows Glorieta Camps to direct your gift to places is it most needed. Or you may designate a specific project, need or scholarship that you wish to fund.

As a non-profit ministry, we will use all donations in a wise and responsible manner to fund capital improvements for our camp facilities, offer summer camp scholarships to underserved children, and cover overhead and operating expenses for our programs.

All gifts are tax-deductible and can be made Online or by Check sent to the address on the left.