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Family Camp Ambassador Program

Brief Description: Ambassadors are people who love Family Camp and want to see other people from their community to experience life change within their own families. As an ambassador, your role would be to host dinners, coffee meetings, or other marketing events with families with the goal of sharing the mission and experience of Family Camp. Glorieta will provide marketing materials and funds to help make your events successful. Ambassadors will also need to be in frequent communication with Family Camp staff as you plan the different events.

Ambassador Requirements:

  1. Must have attended Family Camp.
  2. Willingness to share and speak with other people about their experience.
  3. Family Camp Staff with limit the number of ambassadors within each geographical location.


Ambassador Benefits:

  • 10% discount on their next week Family Camp
  • Additional 10% discount for every family that attends on their referral
  • Family Camp Swag (i.e. t-shirts, hats, etc)


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