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Summer Jobs

Summer Counselors

Must be at least 18 by May


Candidates must be at least one year out of high school.
Each week co-counselors (mostly working in co-ed teams) will lead 20-30 junior high and high school students through purposeful and pre-planned experiences using the incredible adventure activities at Glorieta Camps. Displaying the love of Christ, counselors guide campers all hours of the day. They are part of creating flexible schedules that cater to each group’s needs; they lead Bible studies, build relationships and facilitate activities/group development that provide opportunities for scripture to come to life. Counselors sleep in nearby dorms with other counselors unless the group requests otherwise. They assist in daily behind-the-scenes programming and do whatever it takes to keep camp running smoothly (including cleaning, dishwashing and necessary work projects).


Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
Day Camp Counselors work with our youngest campers, starting with campers entering 1st grade through 8th grade (Ages:5-14). They begin first thing in the morning at parent drop-off through mid-afternoon when parents pick up their campers. These counselors are required to be high energy with a passion and desire for fun! The day camp experience is a Monday – Friday camp, with other supporting camp roles on the weekend. Counselors will work in pairs to take care of their cabin groups and work together to make sure their campers are having an incredible summer camp experience. Counselors are in charge of leading their campers in activities, group development, Bible studies, and many other high energy activities.

City Camp Counselor (Adventure for the City)

Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
Travel Camp counselors work with our youngest campers, starting with campers entering 1st grade through 6th grade (Ages:5-12). Travel Camp counselors need to have a desire to travel and live on the road for 10 weeks of their summer. Each week we pack up camp and hit the road to a new location. Running camp in a different city every week. These counselors are required to be high energy with a passion and desire for fun! Counselors will work in pairs to take care of their cabin groups and work together to make sure their campers are having an incredible summer camp experience. Counselors are in charge of leading their campers in activities, group development, bible studies, and many other high energy activities! Counselors will help with the packing, loading, unloading, and set up of camp every week. This team will stay in host homes each week, and live a large portion of their summer out of a suitcase. While we have the chance to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the nation, this program also is alot of hard work and lifting on set-up and tear-down days.

Family Camp Counselor

Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
A Family Camp counselor’s ultimate goal is to serve families well by anticipating and meeting each family’s needs so they can grow closer to each other and to the Lord. Counselors create a space where this growth can take place by serving an assigned family each week. Counselors help run all aspects of Family Camp, which requires flexibility and adaptiveness. This includes facilitating various activities (mountain biking, ziplines, climbing, etc.), leading Bible studies or group development, and operating retail locations. Counselors also work behind the scenes to serve families by preparing food, washing dishes, cleaning rooms, and setting up or tearing down programmed events. Family Camp counselors are given an opportunity to serve sacrificially and witness God transform the lives of families.

Wilderness Guide

Candidates must be at least one year out of high school.
Wilderness Guides are in charge of each camper’s entire trip and spiritual development within the wilderness. Guides become proficient in backpacking as well as camp activities, first aid, risk management and group facilitation. Guides participate in every part of the wilderness program—when not with campers they cook meals, set up activities and do whatever it takes to make sure Glorieta as a whole runs smoothly.

Worship Leader

Candidates must be at least one year out of high school.
We are searching for worship leaders for three different programs: Group Camp, Day Camps, and Family Camp. In the interview process, you can let your interviewer know in which program you are most passionate and excited about serving.
Glorieta Camps is seeking multi-talented people with vocal, guitar (acoustic, electric, bass) and percussion (full set and hand drums) experience. Worship leaders help prayerfully plan sets appropriate for staff, campers (based on program) and youth pastors from all denominations. They sing on-stage and on-location throughout camp and help with programming and behind-the-scenes needs as necessary to keep camp running smoothly. Please email your demo to

Summer Support Staff

Must be at least 18 by May

Conference Staff

Conference staff first and foremost love Jesus and want to serve Him wholeheartedly by working behind the scenes performing varied tasks each week. These tasks include, but are not limited to washing dishes, running activities, lifeguarding, preparing meals, working in the coffee shop and snack shop, facilitating group development, cleaning camper rooms and conference buildings daily and cleaning all of camp at the end of each session.

Willing to step out of their comfort zones and the box of traditional camp ministry, Conference staff are excited about serving and getting to know campers in non-traditional ways. For example, Conference staff often sit with campers at meals, go to worship services with campers, create moments of conversation and life change in passing interactions in the coffee shop and personally engage with campers in other similar situations.

The desire is for conferences staff to be mature in their relationships with Jesus so that they are able to pour into guest groups on a daily basis. To help keep staff filled up themselves, we provide small group studies, on-campus worship and many opportunities for staff mentorship in a one-on-one setting. Conference staff also support and grow closer to one another through fun and engaging community-building group events.

Family Camp Child Care

Family Camp Child Care staff are patient, responsible and good-humored individuals who have experience with and a passion for working with children under the age of six. Child care staff are involved in all other aspects of camp as necessary and have the option to choose a secondary role in the kitchen, as program support or in retail.


Duties include preparing for our guests by servicing and cleaning hotel and dorm rooms and other living/service areas. Employees must be willing to serve with a grateful heart and provide our guests with exceptional customer service. Duties include servicing and cleaning hotel and dorm rooms, public spaces and restrooms, and other living/service areas. As with all positions, housekeeping staff are asked to help with any responsibility to help camp function smoothly (i.e. washing dishes, work projects, etc.).


Retail Staff is responsible for helping coordinate the operations of each Coffee Shop, Snack Shop, Camp Store, and other retail locations on campus. Glorieta Camps’ retail operations play a vital role in the overall camp experience and allows campers and leaders alike the opportunity to relax and fellowship.Retail Staff have the opportunity to grow spiritually and become proficient as baristas and problem solvers while developing leadership and management stills. In addition to working normal shifts, duties include: stocking and maintaining retail spaces, supervising shifts, training other summer staff, and cash handling. As with all positions, retail staff are asked to help with any responsibility to help camp function smoothly (i.e. washing dishes, cleaning rooms, work projects, etc.)

Buildings & Grounds

Employees must work well both alone and with others to keep Glorieta Camps looking its best. Building & Grounds staff expect long days and enjoy a sense of accomplishment while doing hard work. Responsibilities include but are not limited to basic facility upkeep, landscaping and grounds maintenance, general building maintenance, vehicle maintenance, special projects and security.

Food Services

Employees work in all phases of cafeteria food service production including cooking, cleaning, hosting, dishwashing and service. They help with both indoor and outdoor meals and contribute to a pleasing environment and healthy food experience. As with all positions, food service staff are asked to help with any responsibility to help camp function smoothly (i.e. cleaning rooms, work projects, etc.).


Medical staff address camp-wide health needs for all guests and campers, specifically within Group Camp, from a ministry-driven and servant-minded perspective. Employees must be organized, detailed and assertive self-motivators confident in their medical skills and ability to stay calm and in control in all situations.

Digital Media

Videographers and photographers with editing skills work with our full-time team to capture campers’ daily adventures and create highlight films and image libraries.

Activity/Ropes Staff

This is a diverse position mainly responsible for setting up, tearing down and belaying adventure activities. Enjoy the flexibility of working with various activities while ministering to students during peak learning opportunities. Activity/Ropes staff must work cooperatively with others, quickly and easily learn new skills, and present clear instructions to guests.


D-15 is a 15-month long Discipleship Program at Glorieta that any Summer Staff can apply to join. Applicants will exemplify the desire to grow, serve, and become more like Jesus in every aspect of their lives. 3 months at camp (discipleship in person), 9 months back at your school/campus (discipleship from a distance), 3 months back at camp (discipleship in person)!

  • Those accepted:
    • Are verbally committing to two summers at Glorieta Camps.
    • Will be mentored by another staff member for the duration of the program.
    • Will learn about and practice a variety of spiritual disciplines throughout the duration of the program.
    • Will engage in community with others in the discipleship program through accountability groups OR small groups (established during their first summer).
    • Throughout non-summer months, will connect to Glorieta through their mentor for the sake of accountability and spiritual growth.
    • Will assist in mentoring/leading the new generation in the program during the second summer.
    • Will be encouraged to find people to mentor/spiritually lead throughout the non-summer months.
  • WHY do we have it?
    • Our mission statement is to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships and Biblical truth…to change the world. We believe that this program allows us to invest in and pour into our staff so that they can be prepared and equipped to go change the world. We desire to pour into and develop our staff so that they can then have an impact on eternity in the lives of those around them.

    HOW to join?

    • Fill out a brief application below. 
    • Our summer recruiters will make contact with you as soon as possible!

    WHAT is in it for me?

    • We hope that each staff member that dedicates themselves to this endeavor will walk away more rooted, equipped and ready to live out their faith.

Summer Staffing FAQ’s

What is the compensation?

We provide a stipend for all summer positions that begin at $1500/summer, plus room and board.

What should expect for housing?

You will be housed with staff within your program/department, share common spaces (kitchen, living room, bathroom), and share bunk-style rooms.

What is the application process like?

All potential Summer Staff must fill out an online application, submit 3 references, have an initial screening interview and then a placement interview.

Interviews can take place via phone, Facetime or in person.

Before being officially hired as a Summer Staff member, applicants must fill out further paperwork (background check information, work history, pre-contract, commitment agreement)

Do you offer internships?

Yes! We are able to accommodate many summer internships.

Please find out your school’s requirements and send them our way so we can determine if this might be a good fit for you. Email details to

What's Glorieta's mission?

We exist to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships and Biblical truth.

Do I get time off?

Yes. Each week you will get a 24-hour period off that will fluctuate based on program/department and camp needs.

Am I stuck at camp all summer?

No, not ALL summer! There will be specified times when you can leave campus and head into some of our surrounding areas, if you choose.

In Santa Fe (less than 20 miles away) you’ll find great food, culture, art and city life. We are also surrounded by an incredible landscape with fun places to explore!

Is there a dress code?

All Glorieta employees are expected to maintain personal dress and appearance appropriate for their work position. Please use your best judgment, and dress in a manner that would not be offensive or cause others to stumble.

What programs can I work for?

Please see the available positions listed on this page HERE. For more information, contact

What are the Dates for Summer 2019?

It will vary by program, but general dates are May 12th, 2019 – August 10th, 2019. We also offer half-summer positions for either Session 1 (May 12 – July 1) or Session 2 (July 1 – August 10).

How do I get to camp?

You can drive yourself, fly into Santa Fe or Albuquerque, or ride the train. If you fly or arrive by train, we will make arrangements to shuttle you from the airport/station back to camp.

What is required of me before arrival?

Glorieta Camps requires that every employee complete a Sexual Abuse Awareness Training through MinistrySafe, as well as undergo a background check.

Other things to expect?

All Summer Staff will be asked to do a little bit of everything – this could mean: cleaning, washing dishes, picking up trash and serving guests any other way possible. No job (either full-time or seasonal) is above this expectation!

We love be the hands and feet of Christ as much as we can, and we believe in the model of servant-leadership. Our staff are not afraid to get dirty!

Is there a place where I can wash my clothes?

Yep, we’ve got you covered. The Washateria will soon be one of your favorite places to hang.

I have dietary restrictions. Can you help me?

We can try! With actual dietary needs – doctor’s note required – we can accommodate those who are gluten-free. We also serve a salad bar at almost every lunch and dinner.

Internet and Cell Phones?

We try to limit cell phone usage as much as possible, so you can be focused on the guests and serving the Lord.

There is wireless internet available during time off and we are sometimes able to accommodate online classes (with permission from your direct supervisor).

We do allow cell phone use for work-related things while on the job in order to communicate with our staff in a timely fashion.

Can people come and visit me?

Yes! But there are a few stipulations. Visitors can visit only during approved times and all visitors must gain approval at least two weeks in advance of their intended visit.

Upon arrival, visitors must check in at the Retreats Office. All visitors must pay for their room, board and activities during their stay at Glorieta.

Overnight stays are limited to availability and are only available on time off. Your guest must arrive after cleaning and will not be allowed in their rooms until 5 p.m. on check-in day.

Your guests will then have to check out before 10:30 a.m. on check-out day.

How do I apply?

Go to and fill out the preliminary application. After your application is complete, we will contact you for an interview.

For more detailed information about what to expect and bring, please read over this Summer Staff Information Packet.

As people come to us from all over the country (and sometimes beyond), our goal is to proclaim the Gospel and provide an opportunity for God to move radically in the hearts of those who earnestly need Him. We are always looking for others to join us in stepping into the unknown, the uncomfortable, the messiness of human life and who are willing to learn what it means to serve others humbly and wholly.

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