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Preparing for Camp

If you’re reading this, then camp is probably right around the corner! We strongly encourage parents to help their children by preparing for camp early.  Drop off time is not the time or place to start preparing your child. For many campers, this is their first time away from home for an extended period of time, so we’ve shared some tips to help them feel prepared both emotionally and physically before they leave home.

Has your child spent most of their summer relaxing inside? You can help prepare them for camp activities and adventures by slowly increasing their physical activities in the weeks leading up to camp. You can also encourage a better sleeping schedule so they are comfortable and able to adjust when they get to camp. Have you identified any fears you and your child may be storing about their week away? By preparing early you can help dispel those fears so that you can both enjoy this week with peace of mind.

Here are a few creative ways you can prepare your camper for the impact their week of camp is likely to have on them.

  • Plan an overnight stay for your child with a friend or family member. If your child has never spent the night away from home without you, this could help gauge how they’ll do away from home.
  • Stay positive and encouraging! If you acknowledge their fears and reassure them that they will have a blast, then you both will be able to focus on the good.
  • Bring a buddy! Register your child for camp with a friend or relative so that the two of them can begin forming a bond and get excited for camp together.
  • Share stories about how much fun you had at summer camp as a kid and how they are certain to be in for the time of their life.
  • Give your child praise and speak of this as though it is an accomplishment. Share with friends and family about the exciting week your son or daughter has ahead of them this summer!

You know your child best and know how to help ensure they feel prepared and confident going into camp. The ideas for preparing for camp are endless, so talk with your child to see what they’re most excited about and most worried or unsure about and address concerns from here. We can’t wait to see your campers soon!