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Well known personalities and influencers whose lives were inspired or impacted by Glorieta and who can endorse the camp

Every summer should have an adventure.

You’ll leave here with tons of them.

Gratitude, made to order.

Are you at ease with a spatula, a mop and a smile? Our greatest and most direct need is in food service. Feeding the masses is a monumental task that we pull off three times every day. Most of our volunteers work in the dining facilities during meals where they have a “front line” chance to serve up a Christ-like example to hungry campers.

Scrub-a-dub-dub! I cook, clean, and serve up the grub.

Do you have a way with words?

Help us write and manage the multitude of Glorieta Camp blogs and social media accounts we maintain for many of our camps and programs. It’s a big job and we need savvy writers and digital connectors to help spread the word. This is a great opportunity for the right people to build some solid marketing experience.

Yes! I’m a talented wordsmith who’s ready to write!

Food Service

Property Maintenance

Know your Phillips Head from a Hex Socket?

Handy with a saw, hammer and drill? We always have needs for property maintenance, like changing lightbulbs, unclogging drains, fixing switches or shoring up fences. It’s a big place and there’s no end to things that need fixin’. Our volunteer tradesmen help us get the job done with their craftsmanship, skill and expertise. If you’re skilled in the art of DIY, we can use your talents.

I’ve got my tool belt on and I’m ready to roll! 


Can you handle a mower, trimmer or a chain saw?

We’re a growing camp in more ways than one. And there’s a lot of green stuff that needs trimming, pruning or cutting. With well over 11,000 acres, it’s quite a job to care for it all. We let nature have its way with most of it but many areas require the skilled hands of hardy types who are part skilled woodsmen and part artisan groundskeepers who can trim and shape the land to meet the needs of our camps.

There’s not a tree, branch or log that I’d mind choppin’!

Program Details


Housing for Volunteers

Volunteers are provided with RV camping, or campus housing at no cost during their time of service. We make sure you have comfortable accommodations where you can get the rest you need in a space where you can relax and recharge your body and soul.

Program Duration

The length of your service is flexible. However, in order to minimize turnover and training, we ask for a minimum period of one month. Many serve several months, and some have been with us for years. Shorter terms are considered on an individual basis.

Meals for Volunteers

Volunteers are provided all meals at no charge and are invited to dine alongside our campers and guests in the dining facilities or at special outdoor dining events. We encourage our volunteers to meet and get to know our campers and other staff members.

Prayer for Volunteers

Prayer is integral to our volunteer ministry program. We believe and practice Psalm 34:17, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears.” The spiritual and physical needs of our campers, leaders, staff and volunteers are consistently lifted before the Lord in our prayers.

Personal Time for Volunteers

Glorieta volunteers are a close family. While our primary purpose at Glorieta is service, we also share in game nights, movie parties, worship services and visits to local attractions. You can also enjoy our hiking trails, beautiful campus and mountain wilderness.


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Many years ago, a young boy suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father. His first reprieve from his rough upbringing came when he attended summer camp at Glorieta and met a girl. But even more importantly, he caught a glimpse of Jesus, and his life was forever changed. Years later, his music makes an impact greater than he ever imagined.