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Scholarship Assistance for Individual Group Camp Guests

Our hope is for everyone who wants to come to camp to have a chance to visit Glorieta. That being the case, we offer need-based financial assistance to individuals and families for our summer programs. Thanks to our generous donors, we have multiple scholarships available that cover all or part of a camper’s program fees. 

Adventure & Christ for All!

All who need adventure & Christ-like change in their lives should have an opportunity to experience Glorieta. Thanks to our generous donors, we’re able to extend financial assistance to some of those who are eligible. Scroll down to learn more. 

Group Camp Scholarship Application

Important Information:

  • This scholarship is intended for students attending a Group Camp session and should be completed by the parent of the Group Camp student. For inquiries regarding scholarships for an entire group, please contact
  • Group Camp will offer the following scholarships:
    • Five (5) $300 scholarships to individuals from New Mexico deemed to be most deserving of scholarship.
      • This scholarship will be granted to individuals and cannot be awarded to more than two members of the same family.
    • Ten (10) $100 scholarships to individuals deemed to be most deserving of scholarship. 
      • This scholarship will be granted to individuals and cannot be awarded to more than two members of the same family.
      • The recipient will be responsible for any Group Camp fees incurred over $100.
  • Applications must be completed in full in order to receive consideration.
  • Any misrepresentation of need – be it financial, emotional, etc. –  will result in immediate disqualification from scholarship consideration.
  • Application deadline is the fourth Monday of March at 11:59pm. In 2021, this date will be Monday, March 22nd. Applications received after this date will not be eligible for consideration and are encouraged to apply the following year.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified via email one week after the scholarship deadline. 
  • Recipients must register online within one week of being notified of their scholarship award. If the recipient does not register within one week of being notified of their award, the scholarship shall be forfeited to another eligible applicant. In cases where session availability does not allow for the recipient to register, please contact
  • The offering of these scholarships in future years is dependent upon donations and other such financial resources. As such, Glorieta 2.0 reserves the right to offer fewer or no scholarships in any year in which such financial resources are not available.
  • Reception of a scholarship for one year offers no guarantee of receiving the same scholarship again in subsequent years. Individuals must submit new applications for each subsequent year of Group Camp.
  • Name(s) & Age(s) of Child(ren) to whom this scholarship would apply:


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