Gear Recommendations - Glorieta Adventure Camps
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Outdoor Gear: $50 – $600

Adequate gear is required for our wilderness trips. Students will be required to have a good sleeping bag, rain jacket, rain pants and hiking boots. Some incoming students will already have these things, for some students this will mean purchasing these things. Please make sure you purchase quality and light gear. If you are unsure on what to purchase give us a call for advice. It is possible to shop around for deals and purchase all the gear for under $300.

Medical Insurance: Walkabout students are not provided medical insurance through Camp Eagle. If a student needs to go to the doctor, they can drive into Kerrville or San Antonio.

Other: Spending on personal items is not included. Examples include spending money on trips, personal recreation, personal health insurance, toiletries, bedding, laundry, etc.

College Credit Through Colorado Christian: TBD