Collegiate Week

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August 7th - 12th, 2016

At Collegiate Week, the beautiful mountains of Glorieta, New Mexico, set the stage for a profound encounter with God. Collegiate students and leaders from across the country gather to experience deep teaching and worship with the best in collegiate ministry. Focused small group sessions offer in-depth Bible study, and a variety of recreation and fellowship options help form friendships that extend far beyond the week. Students will leave refreshed and focused on the semester ahead, ready to impact their campuses for Christ.

Collegiate Week is for leaders, too. In addition to spending time with your students, you'll be led in your own break-out sessions, and fellowship with other collegiate leaders from across the country, leaving re-energized for the year ahead.

Registration is handled through Glorieta.

Featured Speakers

Timothy Ateek

- -

Timothy (TA) currently serves as the Executive Director and communicator of Vertical Ministries in Waco, TX. Vertical is a weekly Bible study on the campus of Baylor University that draws hundreds of college students for the sake of the Gospel. In addition to Vertical, TA travels throughout the year speaking at various churches, camps and retreats. TA is married to Kathryn and considers himself to be the poster child for the "how did that guy get that girl" foundation. They are blessed with two energetic boys, Noah and Andrew.

Rush of Fools

- -

Rush of Fools is a Birmingham-based band that went from winning a national talent contest to landing a record deal in a short period of time. The band, which bases its name in 1 Cor. 1:26-31, is comprised of Jacob Chesnut, Wes Willis, Jacob Blunt, Jamie Sharpe, and Kevin Huguley. The music sound of their self-titled Midas Records album, Rush of Fools, and their latest release, Wonder of the World, is tagged by some as “progressive worship.”



Glorieta Activity fee: $16.50/person
INCLUDES: The Terrain Park, Drift Trikes, Tree House, Super Swing, Fly Lines, Zip Drop, Rappelling, the Climbing Grotto and Arrow Tag and more to come!


Program Fee

$75.00 per person

Housing Map


Building Gender $/night $/week Capacity
Hall of States, Chaparral   $112 $560 2-4
Thunderbird Dorm (sold by bed)   $19.50 $97.50 6
Texas (sold by bed) Female $19.50 $97.50 4
Oklahoma (sold by bed) Male $19.50 $97.50 4
Large Garden Dorm (sold by bed) Male $19.50 $97.50 12
Small Garden Dorm (sold by bed) Male $19.33 $96.67 6
Large Garden Apartments   $112 $560 4
Small Garden Apartments   $103 $515 4
Primitive Cabins Even Split $58 $290 8
RV Site   $35 $175 4
Tree Dorm (sold per bed) Male (Pinon)
Female (Cottonwood)
$14.50 $72.50 Varies
Tent Site(price per person)   $5.50 $27.50 1


  • Child Care(0 - 6th): $35 for the week
  • Youth Track(7th - 12th): $50 fpr the week

Childcare is being provided by First Baptist Church Crosby, TX. A volunteer team of trained and experienced childcare workers will offer age appropriate kids' activities for children ages birth through 6th grade. There will be programming available for leaders' children in 7th-12th grade, as well. To register for childcare or the youth track, please add them on to your group registration. Childcare hours will be Sun 7:30am-10pm and Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-12:30pm and 6:30pm-evening worship. For questions related to childcare, please e-mail Cut off is July 1st.


11 Meal Plan - $60.50
Sunday Dinner(Covered by Program Fee)
Monday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Tuesday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Wednesday Breakfast
Thursday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Friday Breakfast

Meal Purchase Deadlines and Dates:

Meal plans can be purchases and changed in the registration system. The meal plan cutoff is July 1st.


When is my final deposit due?

Please pay your balance prior to your arrival to expedite check in, if you have changes that would require a refund, we can take care of this prior to your arrival as well as when you are at Glorieta. Please contact for changes.

What is the refund policy on housing deposit?

Glorieta will refund 90% for any cancellations before midnight on May 25th. Cancellations after midnight on May 25th will forfeit their entire booking payment.

What if I change my housing?

Great question, if you want to add rooms and beds you can certain go ahead and do this through the registration system. If you are removing beds or rooms, or need to adjust nights, please email

When can I Select Housing?

Housing will be available Starting August 7th. Housing options will close on July 1st. If you need to make housing reservations after July 1st, email

How do I register my group?

If the link is broken, use the event code CW2016 in the search box to find the event Collegiate Week 2016

If you have already registered, please click Login at the top of the screen or HERE