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Service Team

Service Team

Students ages 15-18 have the opportunity to earn over 100 hours in community service! Spend 2-3 weeks during the summer, living and working with your peers at Glorieta Camps, while being discipled by a college age summer staffer. Work as a volunteer, washing dishes, and learn what it means to tirelessly serve behind the scenes to help us inspire Christ-like change in over 25,000 lives.

2019 Sessions:

  • Session 1: May 23 – June 7
  • Session 2: June 7 – June 28
  • Session 3: June 28 – July 19
  • Session 4: July 19 – August 10


Many years ago, a young boy suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father. His first reprieve from his rough upbringing came when he attended summer camp at Glorieta and met a girl. But even more importantly, he caught a glimpse of Jesus, and his life was forever changed. Years later, his music makes an impact greater than he ever imagined.