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Glorieta Wilderness Video | Wilderness Trek at Glorieta Camps

Welcome to Wilderness Camp

For those that seek deeper, more intimate adventure, Glorieta Camps is proud to introduce our one-of-a-kind wilderness camp. Unlike our summer camps, our wilderness programs give campers of all skill levels the opportunity to embark on back country adventures, extended expeditions and pro-level programs. These programs are designed to help our campers disconnect from the interruptions of everyday life and grow closer to God than they have ever been before.

Challenge. Connect. Experience. Grow.

When it comes to getting lost in God’s Word in the very heart and soul of His natural creation, there is nothing like wilderness camp at Glorieta. Whether you’re seeking a challenge that will test the limits of your group or looking for your next big adventure, we have the wilderness programs to fit, and the friendly experts to guide you along the way. Here, we are the opposite of summer camp.

Video transcription:

Camper 1: “It’s absolutely amazing because you feel… I’m gonna be honest, you feel really close to God just being up there.”
Camper 2: “Not being alone, and seeing other people struggle with me... knowing that they are as tired as I am and some of them are more tired or less tired than I am… we are all in the group and we’ve all been through the same thing, and if we’re doing this together, then we are doing this together.”
Camper 3: “Being able to sit by this cold mountain spring (that was so refreshing when we put our feet in it earlier)... it really helped me understand the passages a lot more than you could just sitting at a desk or in a church, even, or in my room.”
Camper 4: “It’s different out there because you’re just living so simply and you learn to stop worrying about the things back home and what’s going on back home and you just… you just feel free.”
Camper 5: “It’s not gonna be easy, it’s gonna be tough, but it’s gonna be so worth it.”