2018 Summer Theme - Glorieta Adventure Camps
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This summer, the Glorieta Camps theme is “Shipwrecked”

This summer, the Camp Eagle Family of Camps is embarking on a journey that will cause us to look at the shipwreck in our lives, our dire need for rescue, and how that rescue can change everything. As we enter into our 6th year (out of 7) of walking through the Bible, campers will be focusing on scripture from Acts-Philemon.

When we look at the early church, we can often identify with the struggles these early Christians faced. Acts and the epistles play a very pivotal role in our understanding of the resolution of the fall and how we are to live (as redeemed and reconciled people) as we await Christ’s coming back. These letters are rooted in Christ’s death and resurrection, the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and the concern over the salvation of God’s people. Our prayer is that this journey will lead campers through a week of understanding more about who they are, who Christ is, and what that means for their lives once they depart camp. Our prayer is that they would, indeed, live out the same mission the disciples had and that they would seek to truly change the world.

We will intentionally be sequencing the week to give campers opportunity to be introspective as they reflect on their own priorities, goals, agendas and how (after thoroughly presenting the reality of our humanity in relation to who Jesus is and what He has done) they may need to change things in order to live out of a Christ-centered purpose. We will challenge them toward action, toward growth, toward stepping out of their comfort zone and living out of the fullness of the Greatest story ever known. Leaving camp at the end of the week will not be the end of this journey– it is just the beginning.