2019 Summer Theme - Glorieta Adventure Camps
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This summer, the Glorieta Camps theme is “ENCORE”

As we conclude our 7-year walk-through of the Bible this summer, we will journey with campers through the last section of Scripture–Hebrews through Revelation. It’s a section that we pray will provide much hope as we peel back the layers of faulty influences in our lives. It’s a section that serves to remind us of our ever constant need for Jesus and the trust we can have in Him as we stand in the spotlight, completely exposed. For in Him, and only Him, can we believe the promises that are yet to come, the promises that are beyond this world.

This summer, our camp theme is Encore. It reminds us that, while the show may be over, the promise of Jesus’ return awaits us. How we wait for His return matters. Who we are, what we do, how we treat others matters. While we live in the messiness and brokenness of the world, we know the Greatest Encore to the Greatest Show has yet to happen.

This world is not our home.

But, until the grand finale, we must learn to exist in it in such a way that glorifies the Lord and proclaims His overwhelming goodness. Let the show begin…