2017 Summer Theme - Glorieta Adventure Camps
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This summer, the Glorieta Camps theme is “EAT”.

This summer will focus entirely on Jesus, the Bread of Life, the One who sustains, the One who gives eternal life!

In this age of instant gratification, the world is at our fingertips and everyone wants something. Everyone is hungry for something. We hunger for everything from relationships, money and possessions to power and purpose. But what truly sustains us is Jesus. He says “…eat of me and you will never go hungry again.” This summer, as we kick off the New Testament section in our 7-part journey through the Bible, we want every camper to slow down, turn off distractions and feast on the true food and drink: Jesus! Campers will study the life of Christ from start to finish, encountering scripture every step of the way. We pray that as they discover more about who Jesus is, what He teaches us and what He will do, God will reveal His perfect love and plan for each camper in a way that drastically changes them. We have faith that Jesus satisfies, bringing refreshment and new life that can only be found in Him!