2016 Summer Theme - Glorieta Adventure Camps
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This summer, the Glorieta Camps theme is “And the world will know…”

This summer will focus entirely on Jesus, the Bread of Life, the One who sustains, the One who gives eternal life!

Our hope for the summer is to allow student’s to see the necessity of Christ in all areas of their life. Our hope is that students would be restored, awakened and made aware of how good the Lord is and how He longs for our hearts to be willing and obedient.

Each day, students will encounter various experiences that headline certain stories and passages in this back half of the of Old Testament that also connect to them personally. Each day, students will see how all of these stories are indicative of the coming of Christ, the only one who could end this tedious pattern of sin, despair and hopelessness. They will be asked to consider how this might also be true in their own lives.

This summer, students will hear the hope of the Gospel.
This summer, students will hear the Good News.
This summer, our prayer is that the world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord. We’re already praying that as students return home each week, they can’t help but share what the Lord has done.

It’s a summer of personal declaration and restoration.
A summer of life-change.
A summer of letting the truth of the Gospel sink in and demand that we leave different than before.