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Ideal for: Fit and Adventurous Individuals   |   Ages: 12 and Up   |   Dates: June 9th – Aug 5th

River Expedition - South Pecos

This is easily the staff favorite of all the courses we offer. Spend five days paddling and camping on the beautiful Pecos River in Texas’ Chihuahuan Desert. For remote paddling in duckies we go to the South Pecos River down in Texas. This river is one of the most pristine in the country. This trip can be 20, 40, or the full 60 miles. It won't be easy but there will certainly be more than enough reward. This trip is full of contrast: cool storms followed by hot sun, gentle currents lead to swift rapids, waking from a nap to cliff jump into the water and the final headwind leads to victory at the takeout!

  • Ideal for: Fit and Adventurous Individuals
  • Ages: 14 and Up
  • Dates: Year Round

River Expedition - Big bend

A favorite trail, this loop includes Pecos Baldy and Truchas Peak as the primary goals of the trip. Truchas is the second largest peak in New Mexico and to many, offers the most spectacular vistas and views. Shhhhhhhhh!! This beautiful wilderness area is one of the best kept secrets of Northern New Mexico.

  • Ideal for: Fit and Adventurous Individuals
  • Ages: 14 and Up
  • Dates: Year Round

Canyoneering - Utah

Our canyoneering trip is real adventure. There's no mistaking that canyoneering is in-your-face but with a guide it's an adventure well suited for beginners. In the North Wash of Lake Powell, learn the essentials of how to "drop" a canyon, how to travel through the desert, and safety systems. Each day learn new skills and practice those skills while dropping canyons. The Navajo Sandstone offers squeezing slots, large subway tunnels, natural arches, and stunning rappels off amphitheater overhangs. Join us for a week of adventure and mostly likely the best sunsets of your life.

  • Ideal for: Fit and Adventurous Individuals
  • Ages: 14 and Up
  • Dates: Year Round

Back Country Ski & Snowboard

This course is great for beginner to intermediate skiers and snowboarders who haven’t spent a lot of time in remote mountain snow country but are anxious to learn. You will learn more about skiing or snowboarding, discover things you need to know about remote slope snow safety, learn about avalanches, what causes them to happen, and how to deal with challenging situations that may arise. Best of all, you'll get the chance to run some exciting backcountry slopes in that are off the beaten path and where few others get to ski.

  • Ideal for: Fit and Adventurous Individuals
  • Ages: 14 and Up
  • Dates: Year Round

Dates & Rates for Wilderness Expeditions

Wilderness ExpeditionLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
River Expedition - South Pecos6-DaySummer$750OPENSIGN UP
River Expedition - Big Bend6-DayWinter$750OPENSIGN UP
Canyoneering - Utah6-DaySpring$750OPENSIGN UP
Back Country Ski & Snowboard6-DayDecember-April (Snow Dependant)$350 - 1 PersonOPENSIGN UP
Back Country Ski & Snowboard6-DayDecember-April (Snow Dependant)+ $50 Per Additional PersonOPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Wilderness Camps or registration please contact:

Scott Chapman: Email  |  505-639-9717


Don't see exactly what you're looking for in the expeditions listed above? No problem. Let us know what sort of outdoor wilderness adventure you've been dreaming of and we will do our best to make it become a reality. Our well-seasoned, expert wilderness guides have trekked all over the world and can custom design an expedition to fit your specific needs and desires. If it's on the planet, we can get there. If you've got the dream and the drive, we're ready to go when you are!

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