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We recently just moved into a new office at camp. It’s not a typical office vibe, actually, it’s an old house we repurposed to be used as an office space. It has a rustic vibe and very chill working conditions, but it doesn’t have air conditioning. Since we are located in the mountain ranges near Santa Fe, the air is dry and temperatures don’t get too unbearably hot. In order for air to flow, we leave the front door open to the office to cool it down.

The Squirrel

Since we are in the mountains, wildlife is literally all around us. For the most part, wildlife knows the line between their world and the human world. It is always safer for them to abide by the unwritten laws of nature and not combine the wild with the human way of life. However, the other day a squirrel decided he liked coming into the office to explore.

Never before had the squirrel come in, but after he crossed that line, it became the new habit and normal for him. What was once the hard line was now blurred and he began creating a new unhealthy habit.  If left unchecked, he would soon be eating our food, burrowing holes in the walls, and nesting in the couch cushions.

Now that he had been inside, there was little we could do to stop him from coming in. He would now find open windows or doors and become creative to impinge himself into spaces he should not be. Being nieve or turning a blind eye to this new bad habit would be to our detriment. Closing the door to stop the behavior is not enough to break his habit. We must now catch him and relocate him. Drastic steps are needed to break the bad habit and make clear the blurred lines.

Our Own Bad Habits

We often come across these types of situations in our own lives. What was once clear becomes blurry. Falling into bad, destructive habits happen and before you even realize it, the lines get blurred and destruction begins to set it. If left to indulge in our bad habits, people can get hurt and our own safety and reputations are at risk. Sometimes it’s not enough to close the door to a bad habit, but instead, we need drastic action.

Drastic action can look different to each individual and situation but downplaying the need for a reset, to make clear the lines, can be fatal.  In each of us, we find a destructive squirrel, so easily susceptible to finding new bad habits. I am challenged to find the bad habits in my own life and displace the destructive squirrel inside of me that is trying to sabotage a fruitful life of freedom in Christ.

Eric Rothe

Sales & Marketing Manager

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