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It’s a common tale: the world presses against you, bad things happen and perspective is lost. Soon joy finds its way out of a cistern that was once full. Hope and thankfulness seem to be words from a dead language and all we see is the reality we have been backed into from a skewed perspective. Once we believed the truth, but now we are lost in the chaos and divisiveness of our own thoughts, riddled from a battle-weary soul.

But there is GOOD NEWS– there is so much around to be thankful for!

Open your eyes.

Lift up your head.

Fight the lies and find truth. 

Here are 5 truths to help you find that thankfulness!!


1. God’s love never fails

At Glorieta we serve thousands of people each year. Many of them have known the love of God for a long time, but others meet Him and His unending love while at camp. It is often that people leave with the spiritual high of camp and want to serve God and have a relationship that is never hidden or damaged. Inevitably they go back to their non-camp lives and soon do something that they think “disappoints God”. They feel unloved and far from Him. The lies tell them to hide because they are unlovable but the TRUTH is: God’s love never fails. Thank you, God!

“Oh give thanks to the Lord that he Is good. His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1


2. God is God

Have you ever been in a place where you are just lost? You don’t know what route to take or decision to make? It seems like things are too big and too heavy for you to know what to do. If left to ourselves we would crack or crumble under the pressure. This problem/ decision/ stressor is just too big!

Thank God that HE is God. He is there for us and directs us. He made the day and He is stronger and bigger than all stressors. How terrible would it be if God left us to our own devices without his all-powerful help? We can find thankfulness in the TRUTH that God is God!

“You are my God, and I will give thanks to you; You are my God; I will extol you. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118: 28-29


3. You are not alone

What an amazing family God has, and you are part of it! Brothers, sister, fathers, mothers, best friends, and battle buddies– if we are in Christ, then we are in His family. Some days it seems like you are alone, the only one fighting the battle and running to Christ. The lies tell us to give up because no one really cares or understands that we are alone. How thankful we can be that the TRUTH is different. The truth is that, all over the entire globe, there are millions of believers, praying for one another, committed to being the body of Christ, full of grace and truth, and holding one another up in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

“For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and you love for all the saints, I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”  Ephesian 1: 15-16


4. God does for me what I can’t do alone

Have you ever experienced a loss? The death of a child, loss of a loved one, being fired from that job you loved, a spouse hurting you in the deepest way, a friend turning their back on you? All of those situations bring immense pain, questions, and deep-seated inner battles. You question everything; God, purpose, life.

The lies want you to believe that you are in the battle alone and that God doesn’t care about your pain. That the only one you can trust is yourself. How thankful we can be that God is there the entire time, shielding us in the battle. He is worthy of our trust and He will help us.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield;  my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. Therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him.”  Psalm 28:7

5. God Holds the Victory!

Can you believe it? The outcome isn’t even up from grabs. There is no sitting around and waiting to see if we will get the victory. The lies say that victory will never come and we will be lost in our defeat. But the TRUTH is that God already has the victory. The victory is in His hands to give and He gives generously through Christ. No wondering, no questioning but resting in the understanding of the truth that God has won! Thank you, Father, for your strength, your victory and your love. Thank you for Jesus Christ.

“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  1 Corinthians 15:57

Eric Rothe

Sales & Marketing Manager

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