Trail Life - Summer Camp and High Adventure
Course Description

Glorieta recognizes the need for the new surge of Trail Life Troops to have a place for both summer camp and high adventure trips. With a Christ-centered program, we are excited to fulfil both of those needs. Glorieta is located in the Rocky Mountains with access to foothills, 13,000 foot peaks, rivers, cliffs, mines, and 2,400 acres of our own property. We have more options than a scout summer camp you may be accustomed to and all the adventure of a “high adventure” trip you’re looking for. We have plenty of options for all you Woodland Trails, Navigators, and Adventurers to have an unforgettable summer experience. Our motivation is to offer you an adventure that educates your trailmen in outdoor skills while fulfilling our mission of inspiring Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and biblical truth.

Location Glorieta/ Santa Fe National Forest
Season Summer
  • Woodland Trails/Base Camp Trips: $70 person/per night
  • Glorieta Loop Backpacking: $80 person/per night
  • Pecos Wilderness Backpacking: $90 person/per night
  • White Water: add $55 per person
Ages High School
Summer Adventures for Every Age Group
All our adventures take into account the needs, abilities, and goals of the participants. We can adjust almost every trip to dial in a route and schedule appropriate for the individuals. Every trip has a Biblical curriculum designed to lead participants into a deeper understanding of their faith. We also focus on teach our participants outdoor adventure skills rather than simply providing an experience.
Pecos Wilderness Backpacking
Cost: $540 per person
Length: 6 nights - Sunday-Saturday
Age: Adventurers and older - Participants must be prepared for the mountain travel and be able to high long distances with a 35-45lb pack
This is a full week adventure beginning at base camp and quickly heading into the backcountry. Participants learn everything from the basics of backcountry living and traveling to some advanced outdoor skills. It offers a large variety of backcountry experiences including a peak summit or two, risk assessment, camp cooking, navigation, traveling over various types of terrain and everything that comes with living in the mountains.
Glorieta Loop Backpacking
Cost: $480 per person
Length: 6 nights - Sunday-Saturday
Age: Navigators and older
This six-night adventures is very adjustable; it allows our staff to tailor the schedule to the needs and abilities of your group. You’ll begin and end at the Glorieta basecamp giving you access to civilization, awesome activities, and gently introducing you into the wild. The middle of the trip are is the meat of the wilderness experience in which your learn backpacking skills and encounter activities along the way. Coming off trail and back to basecamp is a special experience with the high contrast between adventure and creature comforts. Although you’ve grown comfortable with the woods and the dirt and rugged adventure we’ll welcome you back with good food and fun activities to celebrate the accomplishment of your trip.
Basecamp Adventures
Cost: $420 per person
Length: 6 nights - Sunday-Saturday
Age: Woodland Trails and Young Navigators
Basecamp adventures take advantage of the awesome activities around Glorieta and some of the not-to-far backcountry activities. Although you’re staying at our basecamp you’ll still encounter all the adventure you can handle. This is a great trip for young trailmen as it introduces them to pushing their limits and having fun in the outdoors at an appropriate level.
Nonsummer High Adventures
We think every trailman should have an adventure they’ll remember for the rest of their life at least once a year. However, we understand this might be a one-time opportunity for some so we make every adventure as memorable as we can. Checkout these high adventure trips we offer all year long.
Big Bend Expedition
The Chihuahua Desert is an incredible place in the dead of winter. It's a place where light and shadow step on each other's toes and the morning frost runs from the sun. Big Bend is one of the largest National Parks and one of the least visited; this course explores the whole park. A linear progression will take you from backpacking in the Chisos Mountains, to biking through the desert, and finally paddling down the Rio Grande with a soak in the hot springs. This will be an unforgettable trip no matter your experience level. Learn about traveling in desert environments, backpacking skills, mountain biking, and river travel all in one trip. You're almost guaranteed the most beautiful sunsets and mornings you've ever seen.
Utah Canyoneering
Our canyoneering trip is real adventure. There's no mistaking that canyoneering is in-your-face but with a guide it's an adventure well suited for beginners. In the North Wash of Lake Powell, learn the essentials of how to "drop" a canyon, how to travel through the desert, and safety systems. Each day learn new skills and practice those skills while dropping canyons. The Navajo Sandstone offers squeezing slots, large subway tunnels, natural arches, and stunning rappels off amphitheater overhangs. Join us for a week of adventure, Bible study, and mostly likely the best sunsets of your life.
South Pecos Paddling Expedition
This is easily the staff favorite of all the courses we offer. Spend five days paddling and camping on the beautiful Pecos River in Texas’ Chihuahuan Desert. Run class I-III rapids and meander between building-sized boulders as you travel 60 miles through the lonely wilderness. Experience the grand cathedral-like walls of the river canyon and cool water of the living desert; we promise you won’t forget the wonder that is awakened in you. Join us on this trip to learn about and learn to love the rugged Pecos River valley.
Technical Climbing Course
Our Climbing Course is an opportunity for climbers of all skill levels to pursue their passion for challenging their vertical limits, while exploring and strengthening their Christian faith. Instructional climbing courses take place at Glorieta and local areas near Glorieta. Climbing adventures will be tailored to the length of the trip and ability levels of the individuals with a focus on skill development and risk management.
Backcountry Skiing Course
This course is great for beginners who haven’t spent a lot of time in the snow but know how to ski or snowboard. Learn about skiing or snowboarding, snow safety, how avalanches work, and run some beginner backcountry slopes.