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Group camp is our summer camp for groups: Church groups, youth ministries, children's homes, anyone wanting a unique 6-day session filled with outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth.

Every session, middle school, junior high and high school students come together to experience freedom, growth, and be challenged as they encounter the Gospel in life-changing ways. Group Camp is designed to invigorate and challenge young minds by providing experiences that reflect and reinforce Biblical principles as they learn more about what it means to love God and others.

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We seek to provide an eye-opening experience for every camper as they encounter the Gospel in both the group and individual setting. Through adventure, study, group development and unforgettable memories, each student will not only have the opportunity for personal spiritual growth but also the chance to form tighter bonds of community with their group as they learn more about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. While each student and group will be built up internally, they will also be challenged to examine how their actions and future decisions might affect the broad scope of eternity as they interact with others outside of church and camp.

  • Unique group development with the intent of breaking down barriers within your group and building up a community of true unity.
  • Experiential teaching and Bible Studies that bring Scripture to life, incorporating the Gospel in ways challenge the status quo and bring about authentic life change.
  • Intentional activities that provide ways for your students to stretch themselves through various adventure pieces or to build relationships through straight-up fun!
  • Authentic relationships are guaranteed to develop in several ways: between you and your students, within your entire group, and with our hand-selected college-aged counselors.
  • Choose a track that will cater to your group the most. Whether you need a more low-key week or an extreme adventure, we can assist in making your week of camp what you want it to be.


We believe primarily in the impact of experiential education, holding fast to the concept that people generally remember only 20% of what they hear, but 90% of what they experience. Because of this, we want students to go through direct purposeful experiences that involve hands-on learning.

You lead. We serve.

We strive to be a part of bringing about eternal Christ-like change in every guest that comes through our gates. We recognize that you, as the group leader, have the knowledge of what your group needs most in a camp experience as this is only a short scene in the greater story of what God is doing in their life. Because of this, we want to assist you however possible. We welcome your input, trusting your discernment with group Bible studies (whether you want to take the reigns or simply assist!) and in the group development process.


Our Flylines, High Five Ziptour, Climbing Grotto, and Zip Drop will be closed for summer 2017. In addition to the return of camper favorites like the Blob, we're excited to introduce amazing new activities including inflatables, a floating obstacle course and much more.

  • Drift Trikes
  • Arrow TAG
  • Super Swing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Terrain Park
  • Tree House
  • The Blob
  • Hiking
  • Mud Pit
  • Optional Camp-Out
  • Group Development
  • Whitewater Rafting*

*Whitewater rafting availability is limited. Contact to reserve spots.

Sample Day

To maximize each group’s experience, the days are divided into flexible modules that can be arranged according to the needs of each individual group. [click to show]

Arrival & Departure

  • - Arrival is between 4:30 and 6:30 pm.
  • - Departure is between 8:45 and 9:30 am.

Morning Group Time

  • - Breakfast
  • - Morning Group Time - Brief talk on the day's theme

Every day at Glorieta is different from the day before due to our experiential style of teaching. However, a "normal" day might include a delicious breakfast (with a cereal, fruit, and yogurt option). Campers will proceed to a brief morning session, which allows for a bit of fun and the day to be prefaced appropriately. After getting their blood pumping, students will be introduced to the main passage and point of the day with a short message.

Activity Rotations

  • - Activity Rotations
  • - Integrated Bible study
    -- "10 for 10": A short solo time for each individual to reflect on Scripture/be in prayer
  • - Lunch

If your group has approximately 25, you will be in one Activity Group. If your group is larger than that, you will (most likely) be separating them into more than one Activity Group. Each Activity Group has 2 of our Glorieta Counselors with them. Those counselors will guide their group through activity rotations specifically formulated for that Activity Group (based largely on your Group Assessments). During the Activity Rotations, the students will be led through specifically chosen Group Development pieces, relational/fun activities, stretching high adventure activities, and Bible study discussions. Best of all, the day takes place out in God's creation, far from anything resembling "ordinary" life.

The Evening Experience

  • - Dinner
  • - Worship Experience

Varying each day, this experience may or may not include dinner. Each night allows for Scripture to be brought to life, for the Gospel to be declared, for students to have a chance to process through tough questions and life circumstances with the support and authenticity of our Glorieta Counselors and your leadership team. Oftentimes this experience will be stretching (whether emotionally, physically or spiritually), but one that they will remember for a life-time.


In order to apply meaning and correct interpretation to the day's events, groups (either Activity Groups or Church Groups based on your preference) will gather together to digest all they have learned and experienced. Through reflective questions and group discussion, students will be encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints on the Lord, their community, the passage of the day, the Evening Experience, and anything else they may be mulling over. This allows time to decompress and gauge where each student is at in order to love them and serve them better.

**Please take note that not every day will be this exact structure and that often we love for experiences to embrace an entire day as campers dive fully into the Word in a way they maybe never have before. Our desire is to open up opportunities for the Lord to move in powerful ways in the lives of each camper and that ultimately He will make Himself known in new, eye-opening ways to all who come to Glorieta.


Six Day

  • 5 Nights / 6 Days
  • Session 1-12:
    Middle School, Junior High and High School

This session is the optimum camp experience allowing more activities, more learning, and more relationship building.

Rental Session

This session is by request only. You must be able to fill a minimum of 350 beds for at least 4 nights with your group. Our maximum number of participants is 550. Use our staff and stuff however you like.

For more information, or to reserve a rental session please email Glorieta Group Camp at


Glorieta staff seek Christ-like change for every guest and aim to serve each group with a servant’s heart. They are trained beyond the industry standard and seek excellence in every aspect of the ministry. Glorieta hires college students from all over the country to lead camp each summer. The application process consists of a detailed questionnaire, multiple references, interviews, and background checks. In searching for the staff God would have lead your students, certain qualifications are sought: A passion for Christ and alignment with the Glorieta mission for Christ-like change are top priority. The staff members we hire enjoy students, the outdoors, and want to see God change lives through camp experiences. Everyone goes through extensive training and frequent in-service. The wilderness program is also blessed with highly qualified college graduates who are seeking a career of guiding.

Health & Safety

Food & Allergies

At Glorieta Camps we strive towards excellence on every aspect of our program, including our meals. We provide meals that are designed to support the level of activity that is demanded for program participants and give quality fuel to the body. For all indoor Dining Hall meals, cereal is offered at breakfast and a salad bar is offered at lunch and dinner to compliment the main dish. Most meals are served at the main Dining Hall (Family Camp: Aspen Cafe/Day Camp: Picnic Area), along with special outdoor meals prepared in conjunction with various program experiences.

We desire to serve our guests well by meeting many dietary needs to ensure their ability to feel good and perform well throughout the duration of their adventure experience. Glorieta will prepare and provide one meal alternative at each sitting that accommodates the following: gluten-free & vegan. These requests can be made by guests during the registration process for a small additional fee.


Safety is taken very seriously at Glorieta. In fact, Glorieta exceeds the annual requirements set by the State of New Mexico. Glorieta goes to great lengths to ensure that every activity from low elements to high ropes, zip lines and fun challenges are properly created, installed, facilitated, and maintained. In addition, the facilities are inspected and certified annually by qualified third party organizations to ensure the safety of each and every camper. While adventure activities hold a certain level of inherent risk, our staff takes precautions above the industry standard to reduce the chances of injury.


Glorieta has many certified Wilderness First Responder (WFRs) on staff who are out and about Camp during your stay. This nationally recognized certification is specially designed to deal with illness and injury in remote locations. Minimum summer staff requirements include: American Red Cross Lifeguard and First-Aid training and certification, CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification, ropes training, and courses in handling sexual harassment or child abuse cases. Our medical protocols meet national standards and are routinely examined and approved by local E.R. doctors who serve as our medical advisers.

Dates & Rates


Group Camp Rates

Group Leaders, please click on the Session below to reserve beds for that event.

Campers and parents of campers, you cannot register your camper here. Please contact your group leader for instructions

Session Length Date Full Rate Status
Session 1 6-day June 9-14, 2018 $400/guest Complete
Session 2 6-day June 15-20, 2018 $400/guest Full
Session 3 6-day June 21-26, 2018 $400/guest Full
Session 4 6-day June 27-July 2, 2018 $400/guest Complete
Rental Converge 2018 July 6-10, 2018 -- Full
Session 6 6-day July 11-16, 2018 $400/guest Complete
Session 7 6-day July 17-22, 2018 $400/guest Full
Rental Hillside July 23-31, 2018 -- Full
Rental Flatirons August 1-5, 2018 -- Full

Same price for adult leaders and students

Limited scholarships are available for extreme needs. Contact Group Camps for more information.

Pricing Information

Same price for Adult Leaders and Students

Your payment plan: Deposit, 2nd Payment, 3rd Payment

The Deposit must be paid upon registration to reserve your group (i.e. No deposit means no beds reserved).

The Deposit: $100 per person
The 2nd Payment: Half of the remaining balance after the Deposit has been paid
The 3rd Payment: The remaining balance for your group

Please register for the number you feel confident in bringing. There is also a cancellation fee for every organization.

Payment Schedule


Payment Schedule


  • Deposit due on October 1st or upon registration.

2nd payment

If you register:
  • - During Sep to Jan: 2nd Payment due March 1st. Early payment reward due Feb 15th.
  • - During Feb to Mar: 2nd Payment is due 60 days after you register.
  • - During Apr to Aug: 2nd Payment is required upon registration.

3rd payment

  • - 7 Days before your Opening Day - Registration must be paid in full for all groups.

Final payment of the remaining balance is due 7 days before Opening Day.

Cancellation Policy