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Risk Management

Woven into every day of the course, risk management is a theme students constantly study through holding guide meetings, identifying risk, weighing risk, creating ways to mitigate risk, discussing what risk is appropriate or inappropriate and assessing risk in hindsight.

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We believe that to be successful, students need an understanding of the outdoor industry’s landscape as a whole. Giving students an introduction into the beginnings, history and current layout of the industry, including its prominent figures and companies, is an important component of our semesters.

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Time in the Field

While we recognize the value of classroom time, we also get students in the field completing hands-on learning objectives. After all, this course is meant to equip students for jobs in the mountains, on the rivers or down the canyons. That is why we use mountains, rivers and canyons themselves for the classroom.

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Christian Ministry

An overarching goal of this course is to inspire students to see themselves as missionaries in their field and give them a framework to understand what that means. This goal echoes our organization's mission statement, “To inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth.” While the outdoor field is characteristically under-reached by the Church, many positions in the industry offer unique opportunities to show clients and others the love of Christ. A profession in the outdoor field is a great avenue for Christians to use their talents and passions to live as lights in the world.

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The Guide Mindset

The Guide Mindset cannot be learned or even understood without experience and practice in many outdoor disciplines. It is a way of thinking characterized by ongoing mental evaluation of risk management, assessing terrain, caring for clients, balancing goals versus potential risks and applying critical thinking skills across activities. Guiding you to develop this mindset is arguably the most valuable benefit of our semesters.

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Skill Application

Our semesters are designed to engage students with multiple terrain objectives in a variety of climates (mountains, canyons, rivers, etc.) where they have the opportunity to apply principles and skills outside their original contexts. A true sign of skill mastery is the ability to assess the circumstances, choose the most appropriate skill and efficiently apply it at the right time.


Raise up qualified Christian men and women to live in vocational ministry in the outdoor industry
Provide instruction and training by qualified guides and organizations
Help students obtain certifications that are meaningful in the industry
Develop students' instructional skills and experience
Provide students with a solid introductory resume in the outdoor industry
Develop a sense of individual role in the outdoor industry
Give participants relevant hands-on experience in various outdoor disciplines

Wilderness Professional Semester Dates & Rates

Fall Semester: August - November, 2018

Program Tuition: $9,000

Spring Semester: January - May, 2018

Program Tuition: $8,000

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