Every part of the Gap Year Program is about discipleship and teaching the students how to be disciples for the rest of their lives.

The Gap Year program is intentional and the individual pieces come together to make a cohesive 9-month discipleship experience. Your time will be divided into 4 major focuses: Study (21%), Adventure (24%), Service (40%) and Rest (15%).

  •   Service
  •   Adventure
  •   Study
  •   Sabbath
  • Aug - Oct

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  • Nov - Mar

    pie chart for activities during november through march
  • Mar - May

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Over the nine-month period, students will spend formal class time studying Scripture and learning how to study the Bible. After they’re competent in Scripture they’ll study theology based on Scripture and formulate what they believe and why.

Finally we’ll study other worldviews and world religions to gain an understanding of what others believe and how it is different from what we believe. Students will have required textbooks and reading assignments along with assignments and a few papers. All classes are designed to renew the minds of the students as Paul often talks about in his epistles, not to assign a grade or credit. In this way they are much different from school.

bible study

adventure picture
adventure picture


Nine different adventure trips will take place during the Walkabout providing a foundation for learning and application. A central part of the Glorieta Walkabout, these trips are where life-lessons turn into memories that provide a foundation for Christ-like change. Although adventures change year-to-year, these are among our most popular adventures:

Backpacking onsite and in surrounding wilderness areas, linear river exploration and whitewater rafting, rock Climbing, canyoneering, and mountain biking.


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Students serve thousands of guests who attend Glorieta Camps in the non-summer months. They provide the behind-the-scenes "backbone" for our Spring programs. This experience gives students a chance to be a vital part of the ministry and therefore the Body at Glorieta. It also gives them the opportunity to learn what “ministry” is and how to do it.


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Our rest is comprised of three categories: sabbath, time off and vacation. each one being intentionally planned and used for the benefit of the students.

Walkabout 2017 Dates & Rates

August 19th, 2017 - May 5th, 2018

Walkabout Program Tuition: $10,800

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