Walkabout 2017 Dates & Rates

August 12th, 2017 - May 12th, 2018

Walkabout Program Tuition: $10,800

  • $1,000 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the program.
  • $9,800 in total is due upon arrival.
  • Walkabout fees include all meals, lodging, trips, education, staff shirts, a Red Cross lifeguard/CPR certification, and all program related expenses.
  • Payments plans are available.
  • We work hard to have a few scholarship dollars available each semester. Donate to our Scholarship Fund.
  • We can help you find ways to raise funds and apply for grants.
  • Financial Aid

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Other Costs Not Included in Tuition

Books for Class: Less than $70

There is required reading for our classes and each student will be required to have their own copy.

Outdoor Gear: $50 - $600

Adequate gear is required for our wilderness trips. Students will be required to have an adequate sleeping bag, rain jacket, rain pants and hiking boots. Some incoming students will already have these things, for some students this will mean purchasing these things. Please make sure you purchase quality and light gear. If you are unsure on what to purchase give us a call for advice. It is possible to shop around for deals and purchase all the gear for under $300.

Other: Spending on personal items is not included. Examples include spending money on trips, personal recreation, personal health insurance, toiletries, bedding, laundry, etc.

Glorieta Wilderness Staff

scott chapman

Wilderness Director

hayley prine

Discipleship Guide

richard mccrosky

Discipleship Guide


What we have are the Rocky Mountains: Aspens, Pines, Sandstone, Granite, The Santa Fe National Forest, The Pecos Wilderness, Snow, Rain, Sun, and High Temps in the 80’s. Glorieta starts at about 7,500 feet above sea level and reaches up from there.

We’re not kidding; these are real mountains, with real seasons, and real adventure.

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utah wilderness

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Glorieta Walkabout students call our restful Walkabout Lodge home during their time here. Separate girls and guys wings are complete with bunk beds and dressers, and both wings have their own shared bathrooms. An inviting and spacious community area gives students the perfect place to unwind, play games and get to know each other with meeting tables, cozy couches and, in the winter months, a crackling fireplace. But when it comes to fellowship, there is no time like mealtime! In the kitchen, students gather to prepare meals throughout the week, using recipes and ingredients provided for all group meals, which can also accommodate food allergies and medical food sensitivities.