Walkabout 18 - 24 year old high school graduates for 9-Months (Aug – May)

This nine-month program enables graduates to gain a unique outlook on the Christian life by stepping out of the norm and living life with a sharper focus and vision for the Kingdom. Participants will learn what it means to be a true disciple by following God, living without compromise, and escaping the trappings of this world. The Walkabout program is not a break from the “real world”; it’s designed to put the world in the perspective of a disciple; it’s a challenging commitment that will stretch each participant and inspire courage for the future as a disciple of Christ; it could potentially change the course of your life forever.


Our mission is to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure , authentic relationships, and biblical truth.

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The Year

at a glance

Every part of Walkabout is intentional and the individual pieces will come together to make a cohesive 9-month experience. Your time will be divided into five major focuses: Study, Adventure, Service, Discipleship, and Rest.


Over the nine-month period, students will spend formal class time studying Scripture and learning how to study the Bible. After they’re competent in Scripture they’ll study theology based on Scripture and formulate what they believe and why. Finally we’ll study other worldviews and world religions to gain an understanding of what others believe and how it is different from what we believe. Students will have required textbooks and reading assignments along with assignments and a few papers. All classes are designed to renew the students mind as Paul often talks about in his epistles, not to assign a grade or credit. In this way they are much different from school.

Major Class Themes:

  • Elements of Bible Study
  • Hermeneutics/Bible Study Methods
  • Bible Doctrine – Biblical Based Theology
  • Philosophy and Worldviews

Walkabout also offers practical classes within the major themes:

  • Finances and budgeting
  • Writing a resume and apply for a job
  • Biblical relationships
  • Basic English and paper writing
  • Various topical electives as students show interest (examples are: Rock Climbing, Art, Missional Marketing and Advertising, Poetry and Prose, Science and Nature)

Download tentative detailed curriculum topics.


Nine different adventure trips will take place during the Walkabout providing a foundation for learning and application. A central part of the Glorieta Walkabout, these trips are where life-lessons turn into memories that provide a foundation for Christ-like change. Although adventures change year-to-year, these are among our most popular adventures:

  • Backpacking onsite and in the surrounding Forests
  • Linier River Exploration and whitewater
  • Rock Climbing and Mountaineering
  • Back Country Snow Camping
  • Missions and Worldviews
  • Solo trip onsite


Students serve thousands of guests who attend Glorieta Camps in the non-summer months. They provide the behind-the-scenes "backbone" for our Spring programs. This experience gives students a chance to be a vital part of the ministry and therefore the Body at Glorieta. It also gives them the opportunity to learn what “ministry” is and how to do it. Their service includes:

  • Lifeguarding
  • Facilitating Activities
  • Food Prep and Service
  • Interacting with Guests
  • Projects
  • Cleaning

Students will also serve the local community in service and youth ministry.


Every part of the Walkabout Program is about discipleship and teaching the students how to be disciples for the rest of their lives. We describe this as living in simple obedience to Christ. There are however a few aspects of Walkabout that are implemented specifically for increasing the student’s growth as a disciple.

  • Mentorships – Students are paired in same gender groups of 2 and 3; those groups meet weekly with the Walkabout Directors and Discipleship Guides for a structured mentorship relationship. Students come in pairs to learn how to sharpen each other and mutually encourage each other.
  • Small Group Book Studies – Students are divided into coed small groups and given a relevant and recent book by a Christian author to read and discuss together. Each group includes a Walkabout staff or Glorieta full-time staff member.
  • Home Away From Home – Called “HAF Homes”, students are divided into small groups and assigned a participating family within the Glorieta staff and community. Students go together as a group to eat and fellowship with the families in their homes.
  • Morning Bible Studies – These are sometimes optional and sometimes required; sometimes they include scones and coffee, and sometimes they involve physical activity, music, prayer, or silence. Whatever the format they’re a chance to be relevant to the current culture of Walkabout students and focus their discipleship.
  • Revivals – These are evening worship sessions designed to worship. These maybe staff lead and/or student lead and will look different depending on the leaders.
  • Personal Goals – As students learn about simple obedience it’s important for them to learn about goal setting. They’ll set goals for growth physically, socially, and spiritually as they learn how God wants them to grow and practically apply His word to their growth. Physical goals provide context for doing hard things as Paul talks about in 1 Cor 9:27 and those lessons are applied to students’ spiritual walks.
  • Girl/Guy Nights – These events are a chance to have fun and bond together as either guy or girl communities, strengthen each other, and grow in areas related to being a man or woman of God.


Our rest is comprised of three categories, each one being intentionally planned and used for the benefit of the students.

  • Sabbath - Walkabout requires times of rest to focus on a personal relationship with God. We set aside scheduled times for focused quietness, rest, and worship that isn’t conflicted with work or study.
  • Time Off - Students will have time off throughout the nine-month period that allows chances to go to town, use the Internet, and watch movies. This time allows the students a break, a chance to buy necessities, and just have fun together outside of the structure of Walkabout.
  • Vacation - Students will be given five days off for Thanksgiving and two weeks off for Christmas. An additional five days of vacation time are allowed during the program, upon approval by the Walkabout director. Days off will also be regularly scheduled. Parents and friends are welcome to visit with prior approval from the Walkabout Director. All vacation days and visitors must be requested at least two weeks in advance and may be denied based on the schedule of the program and the camp.


& Accommodations


What we have are the Rocky Mountains: Aspens, Pines, Sandstone, Granite, The Santa Fe National Forest, The Pecos Wilderness, Snow, Rain, Sun, and High Temps in the 80’s. Glorieta starts at about 7,500 feet above sea level and reaches up from there. We’re not kidding; these are real mountains, with real seasons, and real adventure.


Wilderness trips begin at Base Camp. For summer 2014 we’ll be using various lodges in the mountain village at Glorieta proper; however, we’re building an impressive lodge and cabin Base Camp in the forest that will be the hub for most trips in the future. On the trail you’ll sleep in tents, under the stars, in hammocks, or tarp shelts if you choose.


of Walkabout



Wilderness adventure is a large part of the Walkabout experience because the combination of adventure, outdoor experiences and Christian community provides a powerful classroom that inspires students. It connects lessons to lifelong memories. It also provides a context and constant reminder that Walkabout is a fast from the life they’re used to for the purpose of growing as disciples.

Valuable Life Experiences

Through Walkabout, life lessons are learned in a safe environment where community applauds achievement and encourages in times of struggle. Faith is strengthened Fall to Spring, as students get first-hand ministry opportunities serving school groups, trail races, church retreats, and the locals. Life-skills are acquired through safety training in high-rope elements, lifeguarding, hard work, classes, and discipleship components. Service and servant hood are learned through behind-the-scenes work that allows Glorieta guests to have little distraction in experiencing God’s purpose for them while at camp.

Character Development


Discipleship at Glorieta is about exploring the foundational tools necessary for growing in Christ. Challenge the concept of what it means to truly follow God, discover, as Jesus’ disciples did, that following Christ is accomplished through acts of simple obedience. The nature of Walkabout is to amplify and simplify the call to discipleship so living for Christ becomes the greatest desire.


Walkabout teaches the benefit of commitment through daily challenges and Biblically inspired training. Students take nine months to separate from old habits, routines, television, i-devices and other distractions. In return, they learn the value of deep commitment, a daily conversation with God, community interaction and serving others in love. While some of what we call “necessities of life” are foregone, value is found in the eternal benefits and wisdom gained at a stage in life when this is uniquely possible.

Well-Rounded Adults

We’re not the only ones who see the value in a Gap Year experience. Sometimes called “bridge-year programs,” many colleges and universities recognize the value of a gap year to develop students into more focused, disciplined, mature, and confident adults. Many schools encourage admitted students to participate in gap year programs to boost school statistics for higher graduation rates in less time.

Princeton’s support for bridge year programs

For example, Princeton University values bridge year programs so much that they recently (Sept 2008) committed to underwrite the majority of the cost for 20 people to attend a bridge year program for an entire year before entering as a freshman at Princeton.

Harvard’s support for bridge-year programs

The Admissions Department at Harvard College encourages bridge-year activities. "Harvard College encourages admitted students to defer enrollment for one year to travel, pursue a special project or activity, work, or spend time in another meaningful way..."

Education Costs

Many wonder if the cost of a gap year will add to the already high cost of education just because it adds another year of expenses before the student has graduated with a degree. However, experience has shown it is likely that attending Gap Year will greatly minimize the total cost of education. Gap year programs can provide direction and clarification for majors of study in those who are unsure of their direction study. Statistics show that most students take more than four years to complete a degree. Many of these students are undecided on their field of study resulting in unnecessary time and money invested in college tuition. Gap years reduce the likelihood that participating students join in that statistic. For further reading:
Only 37% of people who enter college graduate in four years, with most students graduating in five. For this see a 2004 article by CNN Money.


& Goals


The Bible

Walkabout values the careful study of the Bible in order to gain knowledge of the Truth and to cultivate a life of obedience to God. The Bible is sufficient and trustworthy to faithfully guide every aspect of the lives of God's people (2 Timothy 3:16-17).


We values genuine community that is characterized by love and service toward others. This is based upon the great commandment to love your neighbor as yourself (Lev 19:18; Matt 22:37-40).


Walkabout values unique experiences as a teaching tool. This includes adventures in outdoor wilderness and city settings. In fact, Jesus utilized adventure in his own ministry as a powerful teaching tool. In order to mold the twelve disciples, Jesus embarked on wilderness adventures (Mark 4:35-41) and sent his disciples on an adventure in a residential city setting (Mark 6:6-13).


We value faithful, dedicated work and sacrificial service towards others using a servant leadership model (John 13:1-17).


Christ-Like Change

Because of the emphasis Glorieta places on modeling the behavior of Jesus Christ and teach students how to imitate Christ, Walkabout graduates leave more Christ-like in their thinking and living than when they arrive. Christ-like change is a goal for every student in Walkabout. (Rom 8:28-29; 1 Cor 11:1; Phil 2:5; 1 Pet 2:21; Heb 12:1-3).

Identity Formation

Walkabout graduates will have a deeper grasp of their identity in Christ, a greater understanding of their unique abilities and personality, and a clarification of vocational and/or educational pursuits in alignment with God's purpose for them.

Understanding of Basic Christian Theology

Walkabout graduates will understand, and be able to express and defend the Biblical teaching on basic theological topics. Graduates will gain knowledge and experience in using tools to help in the careful interpretation and application of the Bible. Walkabout graduates will also be able to use Scripture to defend their personal stance on controversial issues.

Expansion of World View

Walkabout students have a greater understanding and heart for the poor, forgotten, and neglected. In addition, they will have a greater knowledge of other world-views, religions, and cultures.

Life Skills

Walkabout students will gain a better work ethic, a greater amount of self-discipline, basic knowledge of handling finances, and other life-skills necessary for living an impacting and effective Christian life


What is Walkabout?

Thomas's Walkabout Story

The Bible

Anna Escobar attended Walkabout in 2009-2010. She has also work on our summer staff team for a number of summers. Anna's involvement at Camp has not only shaped who she is, but God has changed lives through her.

"Doing Walkabout was a really incredible experience for me, and I grew in so many ways from it. I chose to do WA because I was about to start my junior year of college and still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life... I kind of had some ideas, but nothing that I was willing to commit to. Just taking a year off really helped me to realize what my gifts and passions were and I went back to school knowing what I wanted to do, and was excited about going to school. I also was at a place in my walk with the Lord where I was just wanting to be challenged and to grow spiritually, and WA seemed like the place to do that, and it definitely was!! I learned so much from the classes; they have really helped me feel like I can read, understand, and apply scriptures appropriately in my life. And then living at camp in such a small community, doing everything together, gave me continuous opportunities to practice what Jesus taught... to love others, to put their needs above my own, to serve without grumbling and complaining, etc. I feel like I really learned how to be a good friend while I was there, and started to learn what it really meant to live obediently to Christ. I definitely made life long friends during my year in WA and grew so much from it!

I would definitely recommend this program to anybody who is wanting to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Its hard, and its challenging, but its growing and its worth it!

"Being out here has given me the opportunity to come close to Christ and he has changed my life forever."
- Kent, 2009 Student

"I have learned so much through this program. It has definitely changed my perspective and my growth in the Lord in every aspect. I love the dynamics of the program and I really enjoy all the different types of activities that we get to experience. Being here has made me so passionate for the Lord."
- Rachel

Dates & Rates

Walkabout 2016

August 15th, 2016 - May 7th, 2017
Students must arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 15th, 2016.

Walkabout Program Tuition: $10,800
$1,000 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the program.
$9,800 in total is due upon arrival.

Walkabout fees include all meals, lodging, trips, education, staff shirts, a Red Cross lifeguard/CPR certification, and all program related expenses.

Cancellation Policy


Do I need health insurance?
Glorieta does not provide health insurance for Walkabout students. We highly encourage every student who attends Walkabout to be covered by health insurance. Due to recent changes in health insurance laws and the nature of the Walkabout program, many students will be able to remain on their parent's health insurance policies. However, if individual health insurance is needed, Glorieta can help you find individually tailored policies at competitive rates.

Is it wise to ensure admission to college even though attending the Glorieta Walkabout program?
Yes. Due to the competitive nature of admission to some colleges, it is smart for high school students to apply for these schools in high school when they have time and available resources (i.e. high school counselors). Then, once accepted, contact the college to inform them of your decision to attend a gap-year program and take advantage of a deferred enrollment. Many colleges will hold scholarships and other financial-aid until you attend the next year. This action is also wise for those who are already attending college. For colleges and universities that are open to deferred enrollment for gap-year year programs, these steps help to ensure that a college admission is guaranteed when the Walkabout program ends.