Events Adventure Seekers of All Ages

Enjoy the endless potential of rugged terrain for a wide range hosted events and trail run adventures on 15+ miles of mountain bike trails open for public use public use with camp permission.

Accommodations only available during events

Contact Glorieta Events at for accommodations


Big Mountain Enduro

May 27,2017

The Big Mountain Enduro 2017 season opener will kick off; Where a one-day backcountry race entailing upwards of 6’000 feet of long rocky descents await.

Cyclocross Regional Championship

October 9th

As the New Mexico Cyclocross Series comes to an end it is time for the regional championship.

XTERRA: Tri The Torture

August 20th

The 4th annual offroad triathlon combining waterfront swimming, mountain bike singletrack, and amazing trail running through the forest.

ClimAXS Adventure Challenge


A 5-10k off-trail Adventure Run with natural & adventure obstacles that includes a Zip Line, Water Slide, and more

Guts and Glory Adventure Weekend


An adventure weekend packed full of activities for the whole family. Including the Guts and Glory Adventure Race with the sprint or 12 hour option and the Guts and Glory Jr. Adventure Games.




What we have are the Rocky Mountains: Aspens, Pines, Sandstone, Granite, The Santa Fe National Forest, The Pecos Wilderness, Snow, Rain, Sun, and High Temps in the 80’s. Glorieta starts at about 7,500 feet above sea level and reaches up from there. We’re not kidding; these are real mountains, with real seasons, and real adventure.


Our Flylines, High Five Ziptour, Climbing Grotto, and Zip Drop will be closed for summer 2017. In addition to the return of camper favorites like the Blob, we're excited to introduce amazing new activities including inflatables, a floating obstacle course and much more.

  • Indoor Activities
  • Crate Stacking
  • Super Swing
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Blacklight Dodgeball
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Skeet and Target Shooting
  • Rappel
  • Archery TAG
  • Redneck Paintball
  • Water Front
  • Mud Pit
  • Other Activities
  • Disc Golf
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Ga-Ga Ball
  • Softball/Kickball
  • Soccer
  • Mini-Golf
  • Bocce Ball
  • Coffee Shop
  • Camp Store

Health & Safety


Safety is taken very seriously at Glorieta. In fact, Glorieta exceeds the annual requirements set by the State of New Mexico. Glorieta goes to great lengths to ensure that every activity from low elements to high ropes, zip lines and fun challenges are properly created, installed, facilitated, and maintained. In addition, the facilities are inspected and certified annually by qualified third party organizations to ensure the safety of each and every camper. While adventure activities hold a certain level of inherent risk, our staff takes precautions above the industry standard to reduce the chances of injury.

Food & Allergies

At Glorieta Camps we are evaluated on every aspect of our program, including our meals. Our food is rated top-notch and we recognize the value of good fuel for the body. Cereal is offered at every breakfast as well as a salad bar at lunch and dinner to compliment the main dish. Most meals are served at the main Dining Hall along with special outdoor meals prepared in conjunction with various activities.

We care for our guests, and in an effort to keep them healthy and well-fed, we are happy to serve those with food allergies. We do not serve any Peanut products from our kitchen. For other allergies, guest need to inform Glorieta staff no later than two weeks prior to their arrival as well as provide a Doctors note and a list of food that can be consumed. Due to the large number of our guests we are not able to prepare specialty plates for those with special preferences, such as vegan or vegetarian. We do serve a salad option at lunch and supper.

Family Style

The majority of our meals are served family style. We serve family style because it promotes sitting down together, building relationships and eating as a family.


& Provisions

Office Hours
The Glorieta Camp office is open Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM.

Guests are requested to park in designated parking lots. Your Retreat Host will give directions upon your arrival.

Private Properties
Retreat participants are asked to respect all private areas. Please only use the areas designated for your group.

Glorieta is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please lock windows and doors on all vehicles. Valuables may be brought to the Glorieta office for safe keeping during a retreat.

Towels & Linens
Glorieta provides linens and towels for hotel-style rooms only. Participants should bring linens if they are not provided for their specific accommodations.

Maps and Trail Information
Find trail maps, waivers/release forms, trail information, and camp maps in the Glorieta office foyer. If items cannot be found, ask the Glorieta office.

Campfires are a great way to enjoy a retreat and are available through special arrangement. Glorieta has several staffed, designated campfire areas that allow retreats to enjoy all the fun of a campfire while remaining safe and good stewards of the surrounding area. Glorieta staff members have been trained with special knowledge in how, when and where to build a fire in order to keep it under control and avoid the possibility of wildfire. Special protocols have been established in case of emergency, so there is no need for concern as long as guidance is followed.

Medical Services
Glorieta does not provide medical services or attempt to give medical treatment or advice, however a First Aid kit is available at the front desk. Glorieta is not responsible for personal injury to guests due to carelessness. A Glorieta staff may give medical advice per his or her personal training and is given on his or her personal behalf.

In case of extreme emergency, please call 9-911 and then contact the Retreat Host.

Lost & Found
Please bring any items found to the Front Desk. Articles left behind will be located and placed in Lost & Found. A lost item can be reported to the Glorieta main office during a retreat. Please contact the Retreats Office to retrieve any items left following the retreat.

Pets are not permitted on Glorieta property, or in any Glorieta buildings. Please leave all pets at home. Seeing eye and service dogs on a leash and under immediate control of the owner are accepted