Big Mountain Enduro

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May 26th, 2018




The Big Mountain Enduro 2018 season opener will kick off in Santa Fe, NM on May 26th where a one-day backcountry race entailing upwards of 6’000 feet of long rocky descents await. Expect super raw terrain, an abundance of brand new trails on private land, along with non-shuttle pedal transfers the entire day. At Glorieta Camps, BME will offer its standard world-class Enduro racing along with the great trails and good vibes that BME events have become known for.

Saturday 8:00am

Glorieta Camps, 11 State Rd 50, Glorieta, NM 87535

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Race Details

  • - No shuttle provided
  • - Official Practice will be Friday, May 25th (courses will be marked and medical staff will be present). Riding is permitted at Glorieta Camps anytime with a Glorieta wristband indicating individuals have signed waivers.
  • Course: Mix of National Forest trails, hand built singletrack, and IMBA built trail features